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Best Inner Barrel

Hey everyone, I am currently trying to stabilize my project rifles long range grouping as much as possible. I use an Ares CNC AW338, its been HPA converted and equipped with a real steel stock. I can send rounds with a flat trajectory to the 300ft mark but my grouping could be better. I have all variables set to the point in which its down to the barrel. I am testing an angel custom 6.01x590 and a matrix 6.03x500 right now. I have heard good things about Prommy, the new Miracle inner barrel caught my attention when I saw a video of it compared to a stock inner barrel but I have also heard negative things. Clandestine Airsoft has a lapping kit of which interests me but I no longer have access to a lathe so I am not sure if thats something I want to do. What have you guys found out to be the best? Would buying the hybrid barrel with riffling be a good idea? what if I polished the inside to smooth out all edges? What has worked for you? What barrel has gotten you the best grouping at long ranges? Whats the best length barrel for a bolt action sniper rifle?
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Havn't done a lot of testing myself, but 90% of the site swears by 6.03's.

I'm waiting for my rifle to come back to test out my new 6.01x630mm. It has to be better better then the stock one i had.
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alright, Ill test out my 6.03 next, I was thinking of buying a 6.03x650 or higher and porting it to fit inside my suppressor, has anyone ported a barrel themselves?
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Edgi ports inner barrels. I just made a barrel for my m700 with an arrow shaft (thanks to "the-builder" another member here) I haven't been able to test it much or get the hop dialed in yet but I can already tell it's better than stock and it only cost $14 shipped. When set up right they are supposed to be just as good as any other barrel or better. Worth looking into.
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