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M24 Receiver Screws - Rethreading

Hey there... New Guy to this site and I just intro'd myself on the new guy section...

I JUST scored a used M24 Military Rifle that is in "mint" condition.

The M24 that I bought 2nd hand was originally purchased from Spartan Imports and the original owner only used it for backyard plinking and said that he only put about 500rds thru it. When he bought it, he stated that he had them install the hardest spring available. He ended up installing all CA upgrades (since he didn't want to wait for PDI parts). I'm assuming that they installed the CA 300% cylinder kit since the bolt is a bitch to pull back. Looks like the original Hop-Up Unit (brass) and the bolt handle is alloy. I'm getting the steel one in case the stock one snaps.

I haven't touched the Hop at all and its drilling 1" groups at about 50ft. At about 200ft it veers off, but I can play with that later.

Luckily my profession lets me play with real steel and I use airsoft replicas for additional training (muscle memory and weapons manipulation, etc...)

Since its taken me a while to acquire this M24, I want to finish off any upgrades that will increase the durability of the platform, so I've been primarily looking to collect any parts that will eventually be harder to find over time.

My question regards the receiver screws... I've broken the rifle down to check the internals and everything seems good to go although I noticed that the threads on the 2 receiver screws look like they are starting to strip. They still keep a good hold when installed, but the threads look kinda mushy.

I'm planning on replacing the screws and either rethreading with a bigger size screw or installing a rethreading insert like Helicoil to bombproof this area. The manual indicates the screws to be M5 Machine screws. Is one size up good enough or should I beef it up 2 sizes up (as long as the screw fits the holes in the trigger guard)? and should I use a tap to rethread or can I just screw in the bigger diameter screw and "self" tap the new holes?

Thanks for any help!
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Yes that's the main issue of the CA M24.. that and the hard to achieve alignment of the barrel and hop up housing! The reason why the bolt doesn't go all the way forward to battery.

Any way I used thicker screws on a friends CA M24 and worked good.
The second area you need to be careful are the screws that hold in place the trigger. It's also very easy to strip the threads buy there the room is tight if you want to open up the holes and re thread.

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I retapped the receiver and trigger screws to put bigger ones in and have since taken the weapon apart tonnes of times without issue. Bit of an annoying job to do but well worth it.
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