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Young Gun
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CA M14 EBR Upgrades

Hello guys I have not seen any posts dealing with DMRs on this site yet. (I am a forum noob:( ) So I hope im not breaking any rules by posting about a DMR but anyway, I am looking into buying a CA M14 EBR (Scout version but im going to extend the barrel by a lot) and I was intending to turn it into a DMR. As I was researching I had trouble finding upgrades for the internals (mostly gearbox upgrades) that are compatible with the rifle. And I would greatly appreciate some suggestions on what to do with the rifle dealing with upgrades to make it an effective DMR. Thank you! :)

P.S- I already have a 6.03 inner barrel picked out so that covers one thing haha.
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Advanced Sniper
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If you looked a bit lower you would've seen an entire sub-heading for DMR's. (Titled "Longrange AEG's)

Also, before the mods get on your case, you need to make an intro post in the New Members section. It's the forum rules.

What I would do is first read the Holy Grail of DMR building THE Holy Grail of building your DMR AEG

In regards to your barrel... Just keep it as it is. If you extend it, you are really getting no benefits and your cylinder-to-barrel air ratio will be too low.

An M14 will take standard Version 7 gearbox parts. From what Evike says, it's fully upgradeable, but I would take that with a grain of salt.

You will want to focus mainly on your consistency in FPS output.
This will mean getting a 100% air-seal from your piston-cylinder, cylinder-air nozzle, air nozzle-bucking, and bucking-barrel.

Be sure to go thru the Stickied threads that may pertain to an average player (i.e. the Washing BB's thread and the R-Hop Database if you are interested in R-hop)

By the way, which barrel did you select?
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Young Gun
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Thank you for the information my man. :)
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Young Gun
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Sorry for reviving this thread, but this is just to help new people here. The CA m14 or m14 ebr does NOT take version 7 gearbox parts! It's a mix of v2 and v3 parts.

V2 gears
V2 cylinder
V3 spring guide
V2 cylinder
V2 piston and piston head
V7 cylinder head (not sure of this tho)
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