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Ahh Question about compression. Advice much appreciated.


I do own VSR clone which is a cm701c and I'm replacing pretty much everything. I'm almost done and so far I've got:

AA Zero trigger and piston
AA Masamune teflon cylinder
AA Spring Guide
Laylax 6.03mm 430mm barrel
AA HU chamber
AA M150 and M170 Springs as well as 2 stock springs - no idea about their power though one is stronger
Still to come Maple Leaf bucking and nub, barrel spacers, possibly a G-spec bolt handle as I hope it's different shape will allow me to go for lower scope mounts.

ANYWAY I have a question about the 100% compression. I just could not achieve it with the AA default piston o-ring. So far I've just bought few random #13 o-rings from the local hardware shop. They are better but still no 100% compression. So I've put some nice thin layer of silicone grease inside the cylinder and on the piston o-ring. Did few dry shots to make sure that I didn't overdo it and the grease is not being shot through the cylinder nozzle. I've tested the compression again and after 2-3 tries I've finally got the perfect seal (not with the stock o-ring when swapped though).

So here are my questions:

1) Is it normal to only have a perfect seal with a decent dose of lubrication ?

2) If that perfect seal is thanks to the lube then will it last and can I relay on it ?

3) Should I buy plenty of o-rings from different sources and just try and try and try again, or is it that AA piston with it's floppy o-ring and ported head is just a hopeless case and I rather should be thinking about squeezing more cash out of my wallet and getting myself a better piston (Laylax, EdGi, etc.)

I have looked on the forums and I could see that I'm not the first person to have an issue with AA piston.

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Old 05-18-2017, 08:05 PM   #2
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Don't be shy with the answers ;) Any (real) advice will be much appreciated. I mean my common sense and experience with AEGs tells me that it really shouldn't need that much lubricant to achieve a perfect seal, but then again due to my lack of experience with spring rifles, I might be wrong. Help....pretty please ?

Anyway does anybody know where I can buy a G-Spec bolt handle ? Seems to be "out of stock" pretty much everywhere I looked. I have to admit that I do not like those bolt handles that are looking like a wine bottle stopper.
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