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Jr. Sniper
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FS- maxed out VFC HK417 DMR build w/ mags & pouches

-Paypal only
-ConUS only
-SOME specific trades (see bottom of post)
-Sold As Is, no returns

The time has come to part ways with my VFC HK417. This is hands down the best performing DMR I have owned to date. I have no gripes or complaints about it, other than I知 not a huge fan of the 417 platform. I thought it would make an interesting build, and it has. I知 now ready to move on to something else.

The gun clocks in around 445 fps and is extremely consistent shot to shot. We have range tested this to our MEASURED distance of 100 yards, and it will consistently hit or target tree (trunk is similar in size to an adult male). Again, we have measured this distance, and us the same firing spot to test all our builds. 100 yds confirmed. I have only used this gun in one state wide OP, and it performed well.

All the work was done by a friend, team mate and one of the best techs in my area. He has sold some guns and other builds, user name is Masada. No expense was spared on the upgrades for the gun. Even swapped the crappy US lower with airsoft warning label for the Asia edition. Extremely snappy trigger response with a Lipo battery (11.1v for best response). Use .32 bbs at a MINIMUM for best performance, though .36 or .40 are highly recommended! The Retro Arms gearbox is the nicest that we have ever worked with. The gun will come with 7 VFC brand 120 round midcaps, which work best with 100 rounds each.

See build list below

VFC HK417 $439.99
VFC HK417 Asia Edition lower reciever $115.00
VFC Bipod $63.99
VFC spare HK417 midcaps (6x$29.99) $179.94
Angry Gun 7.62 flash hider and mock supressor $83.00
TYR Tactical (real steel) open top tripple 417 mag shingle in CB $49.95
Eagle Industries (real steel) 2x2 buckle 7.62 mag pouch in CB (holds 1 HK417 mag per pouch*) $30.00
Siegetek Concepts Balanced Ver.2/3 Airsoft AEG Gear Set - 20.8 Ratio $115.00
Retro Arms Ver 2.2 gear box shell for HK417 $130.00
Guarder stainless steel Ver. 2 Cylinder head $24.99
Guarder super lucid chromium plated cylinder $15.99
6mmProShop Infinity GT High Torque, High Speed Performance 45,000 RPM Motor - Long $85.50
Systema M130 Irregular-Pitch Airsoft AEG Power-Up Spring (420~450 FPS) $14.00
Lonex / ASG Ultimate Upgrade Steel Spring Guide with Ball Bearing - (Version 2) $18.00
Lonex Aluminum Ventilated Piston Head for Standard Airsoft AEG Gearboxes $15.00
GATE Airsoft MERF 3.2 Burst Advanced MOSFET Unit $51.50
Scatterplot SorboPads - (3/16" / Hardness: 40 / V2 & V3) $5.00
GATE Airsoft Flat Terminal Connector Set - Male & Female $3.00
407mm Prometheus 6.03 EG stainless tight bore barrel $60.00
Maple Leaf AST 70* bucking $8.50
WE Katana style nub (best nub for heavy bbs) $0.00
Sorbo pad $0.00

TOTAL $1,508.35

If I failed to cover something (I知 sure I missed something) or if you have any questions, please let me know.

I知 asking $800+ shipping for the complete package (trade value higher).

I will accept some trades, but only with cash included. Trades I知 interested in:

-VFC SCAR-H (Upgraded or HPA in FDE only) + cash
-TM NGRS SCAR-H (FDE only) + cash
-Full length SR-25/M110 (CA, G&P, Ares(FDE only)) + cash
-M14 variant (Upgraded, no clones) + cash

Pics (note- Scope, mount, and vertgrip are not included)

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Jr. Sniper
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Would really like to find this a new home and start on some other projects.
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Old 01-23-2017, 05:44 PM   #3
Jr. Sniper
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Location: Texas
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Price drop of $725+shipping obo
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Old 01-24-2017, 08:22 PM   #4
Young Gun
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Check your PMs
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