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Announcements in Forum : Web Deals
03-03-2016 until 04-03-2019
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Important: All members read

Starting 3/7/2016, we will be enforcing all of the boards rules, aggressively and without mercy.

This includes grammar rules as well as no profanity.

This is a professional board, and it will remain as such.

New Members:
You have a 5 post leniency. Make sure you make your introduction thread as it is a forum rule. After your 5 posts you are fair game.

Commerce: Rules will be strictly enforced. No special permission will be given. All sales threads will be locked after 90 days.

Punishment: 3 infractions and you will be banned for 1 week. Come back and gain 2 infractions, banned for 4 weeks. Come back and earn a single, Permanently Banned.

Infractions will now take 30 days to clear from your account, instead of the 10 it used to be.

Bans will take 3 months to clear from your account. Per ban. I.E: 2 bans will take 6 months to clear.

You can and will receive multiple infractions from a single post, if applicable.

Abusive comments to forum staff regarding rules, bans, and infractions will not be tolerated. This will net you a permanent ban, that will not come up for review.

Permanent bans can be revoked by panel review by forum staff.

Saying you did not know it was a rule, will gain you nothing. I will post the links to the rules below, in case you all have forgotten.

Posts prior to the above date will not be factored in. Only new posts on or after that date.

Spelling and Grammar
Make an introduction post, its a rule!
Commerce rules
Don't underestimate me. I know more than I say, think more than I speak, and notice more than you realize.

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