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Young Gun
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Barrel: Mauser SR Pro Tactical

Hello guys,

I was referred to this forum because it is more active (from :)

I recently upgraded my Mauser SR Pro Tactical with the Mancraft SDiK to shoot with gas instead of spring power. But I also want to upgrade the rest of the internals now. First off, the barrel.
A colleague from suggested the TYPE89 (433mm) inner barrel together with the corresponding barrel spacers.
While I was ordering, I measured the current inner barrel, and it is a lot longer than 433mm (see my post here). I am a little bit confused now...should I really order the 433mm long inner barrel and probably cut off the outer barrel to match the sizes?

Thanks! :)

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indycar   indycar is offline
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You should read some rules here first.

TM hop-up
laylax 6.03 steel 555 tbb
airsoftpro 90deg trigger
airsoftpro cylinder and piston
airsoftpro m150 rated spring

530-ish with 0.20g
450 with 0.28 <-- chronoed with Combro cb-625
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Young Gun
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Originally Posted by indycar View Post
You should read some rules here first.
Thanks for your kindness and your insightful answer!
Please point me to the rules I disobeyed, so I can correct my question (or close and move to a proper section, if incorrect).

Thanks again!

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I think our friend may have been referring to the usual practise of making an introduction post. Seeing as you've joined the forum and made a civil and genuine request for help, I'm fine with that.
In answer to your question about the difference in barrel length, just make three barrel spacers from masking tape to rigidly locate the inner barrel in the outer barrel. That way it doesn't matter if the barrel doesn't reach the end cap. In fact the dead volume past the end of your new, shorter inner barrel will act as a moderator.
The Mauser is just a rebrand of the Well MB 05 and uses the same action as the MB 01 (L96). If you're changing the barrel then go to an AEG type (for example Prometheus EG, I use a 455mm AK length one in my MB 01 with a SDiK ) combined with the Action Army Type 96 Hop. This works well with a Modify flat hop bucking and nub, or an R hop of you are able to fit one. The AA hop gives an excellent air seal and consistent hop. With the flat hop it is perfectly able to lift 0.4g BBs, heavier with the R hop.
You'll also find the fit of the outer barrel to the receiver can be a bit sloppy, but nothing a bit of ptfe tape can't sort out.
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