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Old 05-12-2017, 09:19 AM   #1
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L96 p.i.t.a.

Alright, so my L96 has been stock for most of its life aside from spring, trigger, barrel, and piston.

I finally decided to do a full overhaul: Hop up, new AEG barrel, cylinder, cylinder head, better piston.

I have everything assembled, I have a 100% airseal, my FPS is 525 (25 FPS under for max limit). But I keep running into two issues that are driving me nuts.

Left/Right spin from the hop up & feeding issues.

Now, I haven't acquired a maple leaf bucking yet which might just be the magic key for the left right. It's a purple prommy with a prommy nib and a custom spacer I've cut from PFA tubing. (concave).

Another question is how do you APS-2 users know you have everything rotated in line with one another. One thing I've noticed is that the APS-2 platform has no real guide rails, set points, or machined meshing parts. The hop up has about 2-3 degrees of rotation to it when the mag release is screwed in. The outer barrel also has a few degrees of error you can make when screwing it into the receiver.

As for the feeding issue, it feels like the BB gets caught between the lower lip of the air nozzle and the lower edge of the hop up. I could dremel a bevel on the hop up if that helps.

It's just utterly frustrating because every time I pull that thing apart, I have to spend hours tuning it to the perfect alignment and hope the hopup isn't putting too much left or right spin on the damn thing.

I'm about this far from selling it and trying my luck with the VSR. I've heard it's superior in all regards and easier to work with. I've thrown so much damn money into this APS-2, I just want to get some returns out of it.
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Old 05-12-2017, 07:39 PM   #2
Young Gun
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So I found the issue and made some upgrades. The barrel window was. Not entirely aligned with the hop up window. On top of that, I swapped out the Prommy rubber nub with a custom hard nub. I also swapped out the harder concave spacer with a much softer one. Now, I have just the perfect hop for .40s with the hop turned almost all the way down. Shoots straight and true. Finally. Good god, finally.

I also hit the lip of the hop up with a diamond grinding bit to bevel it ever so slightly. Feeding jams are gone. Oddly, I kicked a bit of the hop up lip perfectly below the hop up mound. So the bbs feed perfectly linear each time. I'm hitting beer cans at about 100 feet (not great I know, but it's fairly windy).

I should be fine at torsos to about 200+

Have to take it to a game and see.
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Old 05-15-2017, 09:34 AM   #3
Jr. Sniper
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Excellent! Welcome to the science of the L96! hahahaha. I think the basic design of the unit is good, it just needs some rework to make it excellent. On Friday I was ranging out my latest configuration of the L96 and I'm hitting torso at 280ft plus with .36's with a gun that chronos at 460fps on .2's. I could lift a way heavier BB, but economics and availability come into play here. I'm trying to keep it a poor man's sport. :)

Hey, if you're nailing beer cans at 100ft, that's a helluva start. I have two stages to my rifle. I have a laser sighted in to 75 yards (225) ft. Relatively short by sniping standards, but if that red dot is on you, you're done without my having to look down the scope. If I'm scoping, it's past 250 ft...so then breeze and other factors come into play. I was going to use my L96 on Saturday but it was so damned windy long shots were impossible. It became a spray and pray day at some points. I went through way more ammo than I like to...but the bolt gun would've been moot. A couple of hardcore snipers were pulling their ghillie leaves out trying to compensate for drift. hehehe.

Anyhew, hang in there, sounds like you're on the right track...
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