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Question ELI5 Mancraft SDIK

Hey all,

So I just recently picked up a JG Bar-10 and seeing as I have a Ninja 50/4500 tank already, I figured going the Mancraft route would be a good idea. I've done a good amount of reading on here and the VSR Facebook group and I think I very nearly have a grasp on everything but I wanted to make sure I have it all squared away and am doing things the simplest way possible.

What I have and know:
  • Standard Ninja 50/4500 ouputting at 850 psi
  • I will need a regulator to get this down into the 80-150 psi range (any recommendations here? Possibly looking at Ninja LPR)
  • The Mancraft kit runs on a 4mm air line while most other HPA related stuff runs on 6mm

Things I'm unsure about:
  • What is the best way to interface the Mancraft line to the regulator, such as a Ninja LPR for example? I'd like to basically have a setup where the line and QD fitting dangles just a bit outside of the stock that I can hook up to. Possibly this (http://shop-mancraft.com/en/pneumati...andard-us.html)? Should I be worried about a 4mm line dangling out of the gun as far as durability goes?
  • Based on the Mancraft install videos, they give you quite a lengthy 4mm line to work with. Once I've figured out the length necessary to run through the stock, is there any reason to leave the line intact or is it okay to trim at that point?


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If you want to run the standard 4mm line up to your LPR, that is an option. All you need is the 4mm to 6mm QD fitting that mancraft sells. If you dig around their website, you will find it. I think it was $19.99. However, that can be rather annoying as the only disconnect would then be at the very tip of your regulator. The other option is to use a standard 6mm hose like an Amped line and then cut the 4mm line close to the gun and place the 4mm to 6mm QD fitting there.
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Yeah I agree, disconnecting at the regulator would not be ideal at all. So I think what you said is what I was getting at. Cut the 4mm line close to the gun, attach this which accepts the 4mm line and then gives a standard QD fitting:

Quick Disconnect Fitting For Airsoft HPA Systems - standard US - Mancraft

Run a standard QD line from regulator to the above fitting.

I'm probably going to be drilling a hole to run the 4mm line out of the gun. Is the 4mm line fragile at all? Would the line get damaged rubbing on the newly drilled hole or if it happened to get snagged on something?
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