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ACM 1892 Winchester

530fps w/ .20's on Propane
ACM 1892 Winchester

530fps w/ .20's on Propane
Picture Added 04-08-2012 07:44 PM
Added by hawthorne

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  1. madhellsing
    04-12-2012 10:28 PM - permalink
    Wow is that an airsoft replica? Where did you find it?
  2. hawthorne
    04-12-2012 11:43 PM - permalink
    Yes, it's an airsoft gun. I found it on a Chinese airsoft retailer site called
  3. TheRussianSniper
    02-24-2014 03:52 PM - permalink
    Is it good? I heard that the A&K one was almost pure garbage because the Gas reservoir wasn't able to keep the charge and was leaking all the time. but that is from just 1 review so I don't know for sure and I am curios if this is far better. Also B.A gun I want one now. lol
  4. hawthorne
    02-26-2014 11:05 AM - permalink
    It's essentially the same as the A&K. This gun is still not that great and did leak. I had to put in a lot of work to make it hold has good. The internals are also pot metal and some parts break easy, also something I spent a lot of time fixing.

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