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Old 12-06-2007, 07:11 PM   #1
Livonia   Livonia is offline
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This forum is for the more advanced Snipers/Marksmen in the sport. Most of the information you will find, and hopefully add, includes knowledgeable facts and experiences of your career as a rifle holder. There are threads for beginners, but please refrain from asking useless questions like "What rifle is better?" "What scheme should I use for my rifle?" and "My gun shoots 500fps, what BB's should I use?". Useless threads like that will be deleted without hesitation.

1 - Please use specific thread topics. The topic of your thread should let the reader know what the thread is about. Mods have full authority to re-title threads, but we would rather you take care of this yourself.

2 - If you want to tell someone to do a search, you must also provide an answer to their question. If you cannot, then do not post on the topic. Brief responses only saying to do a search will be deleted.

3 - Any racist/sexist/abusive language will be deleted by mods or cleverly edited to make you seem silly. So please avoid it.

4 - Please use the 'Edit' button to edit your posts instead of creating a new post directly after the old one. Any attempts to raise postcount by consecutive multiposts will result in a banning.

5 - The mods have the ability to either delete a post or thread immediately, or lock it and give 24 hour notice prior to deletion. It is up to the mod how they want to handle this.

6 - Please use proper grammar and punctuation. Not only will you get your message across much clearer, but other forum members might actually be able to reply to your post instead of trying to decipher your enigmatic nonsense.

7. Do not bring up old posts, if they haven't had a response in over several months do not post unless you strongly feel your two cents is worth it.

8. Talk of 550+ FPS is prohibited. Anything over 550fps is beyond standard regulations and safety. We do not condone or care to hear about any hot rifles. Any talk will be removed from the forum.

9. Please do not flood the boards with questions that can be privately asked to an elder player. This is a discussion board for everyone, not just question masters.


350x60 pixels Maximum.


Provide players with valuable information, let players interact, and share ideas. This forum is for intelligent snipers who are willing to help with the advancement of airsoft sniping.

Last edited by Plazmaburn; 09-01-2016 at 12:46 PM. Reason: Minor edit to wording on rule 4
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Old 09-16-2012, 04:22 PM   #2
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As an addendum to #3, there is a very low tolerance level for profanity - excessive use of such language will be deleted or cleverly edited.

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Old 08-13-2013, 02:12 PM   #3
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There have recently been an increasing number of repeat threads, cases of people not searching, and rude replies to these threads. None of this is acceptable to the moderating staff. The following behaviors are now grounds to receive a warning/infraction.

1. Making duplicate threads
2. Making a thread on a subject that's been asked already (we expect you to search)
-If we close your thread and give you an infraction, we will link you to the most recent thread where your question was answered. If this happens again, you will simply receive an infraction.
3. Rude replies. No matter who you are, if you reply in a way that is deemed disrespectful to anyone in the thread or previous posts by the moderating staff, you will receive an infraction. Yes, I know it's tempting sometimes, but we can all be polite and grown-up about this.
-If you feel that you didn't deserve the infraction, PM the mod that gave you the infraction and talk to them. We're all reasonable people.

We can't be everywhere at once. If people could please report posts that violate these rules instead of simply replying that would be extremely helpful. Keep in mind, these rules are applicable from here on out. We will NOT be applying them retroactively.


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Old 03-09-2015, 11:06 PM   #4
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Location: Anchorage, Alaska
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By popular demand, an addendum:



Breaking this rule results in (XXXXXXXXX punishment - TBD Moderating staff).

This does NOT apply to PURELY cosmetic, non-functional (NO SPACE INSIDE), and/or non-removable items.

To clarify: if you can put it on a real rifle it becomes illegal. Therefore, because we don't know if someone will do so, we are restricting discussion for everyone's safety.

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Last edited by Cheese Man; 03-10-2015 at 01:38 PM.
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