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Jr. Sniper
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Re-Introduction, 5 years!

Hey everybody! It's been a while, most of you dont know me, and those of you who were around when I was here probably dont remember me! Anyways I joined here when I was 11 years old and really into airsoft, now I'm 17. Looking back at some of my old post I cringe at my lack of punctuation and gratitude for the help I was given with my questions. I recognize some names here though! Glad to see some guys are still around. Anyways I've been out of Airsoft for a while obviously and I know technology changes fast! I know this is a seriously broad statement but what's new since I've been gone? Any breakthroughs in Airsoft technology? Also, heres my old arsenal just for reference.

JG BAR10- some mods just simple ones like tephlon seals, foam filled stock, a pad on the piston.

JG MP5K- I bought an aftermarket foldable stock for it, along with battery that doesnt fit.

TM MK23- my biggest regret in any hobby ever, I was 11, had hundreds saved up from working, and my parents talked me out of my list of upgrades for my sniper (I'll put a picture at the bottom) and I impulse bought that pistol with the money I'd been saving all for the past 3 years. 2 aftermarket mags.

KWA Mod 1- I think this is it dont quote me sorry!

That's what I have, thanks for listening to my intro everyone! Let me know what's changed and I apologize to anybody I wasnt respectful to years ago. Looking back at my post, specifically Plazmaburn, 1tonne, and Reliku. I'm sure theres others those are just the few I've seen. Thanks!


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Young Gun
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I feel you on looking back on our naive younger selves.
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Young Gun
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Welcome back, if there are any tips you have in sniping could you please tell me as I am always trying to learn more.
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