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Whalesmash, the struggle is real. We're with you, brother...

bmr3, for plinking real steel is overkill. I have way more fun plinking with airsoft. It's way cheaper, way cheaper, and way cheaper...if I miss, I only put a small ding in my drywall instead of a hole clean through the wall. Hehehehe. That said, dropping a deer with an airsoft gun just ain't gonna happen. There is something to be said for a good hunt....and the ensuing jerky! From field to smoker, it's the whole package... Firing a 7.62x54R in an indoor range is really anticlimactic. It blows clean through the target, kicks like a mule, and whoopee. At anything less than a hundred yards it's kinda 'meh'. 22 LR is a lot more fun but especially when that gopher or prairie dog goes ass over teakettle a few times. Besides, cleaning them off the land is a public service. Same for coyotes...but Hornady's Zombie Max is the ticket for those.

Alas, the Sharps Shiloh...when you can drop a moose at 500 yards with a 45/70 gov't and a vernier sight, well...that ain't plinking anymore, that's magic!! Unfortunately, it's still too rich for my blood when the lowly Mosin will do exactly the same thing. Hahahaha....just minus all the wallop.

Back to airsoft!!! Hmm....gas guns. I got to fool with a G&G Springfield, and money aside, it's really on my list. What an awesome piece of kit. The scope was great and the rifle performed well, can you imagine one of those modded? WOWEE! Same for that Red Fire Mosin PU sniper. Gorgeous!

Now back to octagonal barrels...I'm having impure thoughts of an octagonal barrel like that on a lever action CO2 lever action Winchester. Damn that would be so sexy...

Y'know as for KC02, I know where there is one and the owner is slightly frustrated. I must admit, I'm intrigued...the only problem with green gas here is that much of the time it's too cool outside for it to work at its best. CO2 still works, but not super terrific...hmmmm...
...and nary a whisper was heard..
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