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M28 Future Projects

A question for all you fellow M28 users out there... I'm sure many of you are aware of the proprietary cylinder parts. I've started making metal cylinders to work with stronger springs and 90 degree triggers, but I've become more dissatisfied with the weak cylinder itself.

Would you rather see a one piece high quality "m28 spec" cylinder which could have the slightly longer piston / air volume. Or would you rather see a cylinder head adapter which should mean that any vsr cylinder could work with the m28 rifle. This should also mean that it'd be directly compatible with vsr pistons.

If there's enough interest I could either buy the tools required to cut the cylinders or buy a vsr to base the adapter off of. Also if anyone had an old even stock vsr cylinder assembly they were willing to donate that'd be great too.
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Due to the vast mfg and vendor support of the VSR-10, I would opt for the longer ported and polished steel nozzle. This is assuming that the M28 is VSR-10 spec, and not WELL VSR-10 wanna-bee spec.

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Either way this would be a great help to M28 owners. I myself have one in a box under my bed with a broken cylinder. If you choose to go with the cylinder head route make sure that a VSR cylinder will in fact fit inside the M28 receiver. I know that the M28's cylinder's internal diameter is slightly smaller than the VSR but not how different the outside is.
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