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Germany, Ssg24, or other Rifle

Yes i know that a question like "ssg24 or vsr 10 tuned" is allready asked, my question is a litten bit different: The Ssg24 costs 600€ in Germany (F Sign, Import etc.). I have some tech knowledge, so is it better to build a l96(or type 96) by myself and maybe safe some money ? Which parts(Brand) would you use?
Thank you :)
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Can you not order directly from Nov and have it for 435(gun)+55(shipping) instead of 600 from the German retailer? That is quite a huge difference. If they had a problem with that, you can always have it shipped to your relatives/friends in neighbour countries and have it shipped to you for way less than 120 euro :D

From what I know, the main advantage of SSG is the extra durability and pretty decent out-of-the-box performance because of upgrades. Although I must admit that as for the performance, on many videos, it actually does not shoot "that well" for the cost.

On the other hand, if you go for a pure performance and don´t mind not as sturdy externals, for the same money (480 EUR considering the base price + shipping), you can get very well upgraded Bar-10/L-96 for example. The stock goes for around 130-140 EUR, and for around 350 more you can get PDI zero trigger unit + pdi barrel + pdi hopup (as an example). And that, I believe, makes for a very decent rifle.

Personally I was also considering the SSG due to the sturdy body and no need for work, but in the end I am most like to go the DIY Bar-10 upgrading way to learn about the gun and be able to mod/repair it in the future. Plus, there is something to understanding it, which makes it more fun :)

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Thank you for your answer. The problem in Germany is, that you need the "F" on your gun. The retailer makes it possible, but the consumer has to pay for it.
I know the vsr 10 build. I have a well mb01, but i had problems upgrading it. I read in this forum, that the cylinder diameter(?) isn't the same as the original. Thats why im looking for n l96 base. 1tonne made a good guide about the well l96.
The bar10 is not an option, because there is no F either on it :D.

Edit: If I tune my well vsr 10 clone with Action Army parts im close to 400€. Buy a l96 and tune it, would Cost around 550€. 50€ more and i have the Ssg price. Yeah germany and it's "F" :D

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If you just want something that works (and do not mind the wait period) go for the SSG.
I am also from Germany.
My choice would be to tune up a Vsr clone (either the swiss arms or the fn spr a5m).
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