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Young Gun
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Battle belts with a leaf suit? Let's see yours...

Hi all. So I've not long taken delivery of the MFH leaf suit and pretty pleased with it. I've dressed it with crafted leaves, jute, raffia and its turned out pretty nice, but I'm just wondering how some of you go about wearing a belt rig with a leaf jacket on? It is a throw over type with an elasticated bottom, so no zips. I use a belt rig with no harness and it sits nicely round my waist, but it stands out like a sore thumb. I have only augmented the top half of my leaf jacket so if I dress my belt in crafted leaves it will still be out of place. Any tips would be appreciated. I'd love to see some pictures of your setups.
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Young Gun
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Either the hsgi “Sniper” belt or a bandolier or chest rig under your bushrag should be pretty doable from my experience
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Agree with Wild rover. I ditched the battle belt and went with a gunfighter belt (riggers belt with velcro ) and a lightweight chest rig. It has increased my comfort, concealment and mobility so much!!
I did go through 4-5 rigs before I found the one that worked right for me(amazon probably wasnt happy with me returning them as soon as I got them lol),. As a sniper I carry quite a bit of stuff for milsims. So I opted for a chest rig that had a built in hydro pack that I could use for a bladder or a simple place to carry more stuff. I run a modified viper ghillie with a boonie and I wear this rig underneath and it works perfectly to carry my rifle, my mk23, and my MAC11 (for those times when a single shot just isnt enough), extra ammo, 2 grenades, my comms, 3 extra mk23 mags, 1 extra mag for my striker, and 2 mags for the MAC 11. Sounds like a lot to carry but this rig makes it easy.
One thing you Could do...spray paint your belt. I do this to all my gear. I paint it to match the pattern of camo Im using.
The best part of this rig is I can swap out chest panels if I want to go with another role, counter sniper using my gas guns (MSK, SCARH, or G3A3). I simply swap out the chest panel that already has the pouches and such mounted. This way its a purpose built rig thats easily convertible.
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Lycan sear
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results : 2.2 Joules w .48s/318 FPS accurate to 300FT+ (all you can hear is bb whistle)

UTG Mb01 L96, KJW M700, WE MSK , WE SCAR H , WE G3A3,TM MK23/SSX23 hybrid
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