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Old 05-03-2020, 08:23 AM   #1
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Lefties hellp!

hi all

totally new and this is my first post i have been searching around the site and have found tonnes upon tonnes of sound info so thanks for all of that.... going through lockdown and planning a vsr 10 build i can basically strip a vsr 10 and know what parts i want to put in before i have even touched one which is all down to you guys so thanks but i am a dreaded lefty hehe i have sourced all the left hand parts i need for my vsr 10 but have one burning question thats bugging me and cant see from pics or cant find any left hand guides etc. do i need a left handed bolt cap or are left hand bolts compatible with normal vsr 10 bolt cap i would hate for a bolt cap to crush my dreams haha sorry if this is in wrong place and thanks in advance
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Old 05-03-2020, 08:54 AM   #2
Jr. Sniper
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Left hand bolt handles require left handed receivers.
The cylinder and bolt cap are identical between left and right bolts.
My loadout:

-Main: Ares Amoeba AS02
- Inner Barrel: Maple Leaf Crazy Jet 310mm 6.04 barrel
- Hop-up bucking: Maple Leaf MR. HOP 60 Degrees
- Spring: Custom
- Cylinder: Edgi Nemo cylinder kit
- Chamber: Action Army blue chamber
- Spring Guide: Edgi Nemo cylinder kit
- Piston: Edgi Nemo cylinder kit
- Scope: Discovery 3-12*42

-Sub: Tokyo Marui 5.1 Hi-Capa
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I can provide left hand full upper, bolt handle and end cap. Pm me or contact Bulltrigg via email: [email protected] or on facebook page if you are interested.

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The other thing is to train yourself to use it right handed. There is a good advantage to be able to use a rifle in both hands.
When left handed and firing around a tree on the right hand side, you will often have to expose your entire body (and the same vise versa for a right handed person). If you shoot using both ways, you can keep your body in the cover of the tree. This can also be applicable to using an AEG.
If you are left handed and want to train yourself to hold it right handed, just pick the rifle up in your right hand all the time for the next 3 weeks. Make it a rule for the next 3 weeks and never pick it up in your left hand. Leave the rifle lying around and pick it up and cycle it 2-3 times daily. You should also do this with an AEG if you have one. To start off with it will feel real unnatural. After the first week, you will find that it is pretty easy. By the 3rd week, you will find that both arms are as efficient as each other and as time goes on you may even forget what is your dominant hand when holding a rifle. I quite often flick my m4 from side to side depending on the terrain and objects in front of me. For me each hand is as good as the other. This is well worth learning and you will be able to teach others.
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There is no advantage with R-hop or Maple Leaf

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Old 05-04-2020, 10:16 AM   #5
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Thanks for the advice it's appreciated had a moment where I thought the end cap was going to ruin me ha and I already have left handed parts ordered but will definitely look into this when I do my gspec build also heard awesome stuff about your triggers and 1tonne yeah will deffo try this 3 week practice it's my right eye more than anything it's not that great but suppose I can shoot left eye right handed

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help me!, left handed

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