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Choosing between the SRSA2 and VSR10 platforms, with a budget of 600 - 800

Intro about myself:

I'm from Romania, I play airsoft for about 2 years now, but not too often, my main gun now is a Krytac pdw and as sidearm a CZ-P09, I play with some friends that are also into airsoft in generally forrest terrain. I'm generally pretty good at tinkering so I would like to build / modify my own rifle.

Choosing my rifle

Now to the main scope of this thread, I would like to buy a new sniper rifle, spring powered.

I've been studying about the rifles available for some time and I've come to the conclusion that the best choices that I have are a custom VSR10 and the SRS A2. My budget is 600 - 800 , but if it's necessary I can save some more. My friend got an SSG 24 and let me try it for some matches, I liked using a spring rifle, because it made me think more abut each shot, but I found that the SSG has not a very comfortable grip and it doesn't shoot as far as I would like. I would also like to not get a rifle pre-upgraded so I can save some money and have the satisfaction of building it.

Things that are important for me in the new rifle

I would like the rifle to be sturdy and have a weight to it, a CNC body would be very nice and the overall accuracy to be good enough so that i can out-range the SSG and a decent AEG, I think that being able to hit a man size target at 110 yards is enough. I want it to feel like a real firearm and to not be toyish. A smooth bolt pull is nice to have.

I would also like the rifle's mechanism to be quiet so I can attach a suppressor because being a sniper requires stealth and the loudness of a SSG can give your position away quite easily

Pros and cons for me in the rifles


-very sturdy
-the bullpup system is quite neat
-big cylinder air volume
-Mlok rail so you can add accessories
-BB by BB feeding

-from what I've seen the trigger is mushy/spongy
-mag is hard to take out and in weird position
-bullpup design makes it harder to cock the rifle
-less BBs in mag
-parts are expensive


The VSR stock I want to use is the MLC-S1 Dark Earth stock, as the internals I assume that they are good and reliable.

-mag has more BBs
-mag is in easy to reach position
-easy to cock the rifle
-the Maple leaf stock has great flexibilty
-can have extremely good triggers like the S-trigger/Bulltrigger
-easier to find parts

-seems more toyish than the SRS
-mag is not realistic
-less volume of air in the cylinder
-outer barrel is not as solid as the SRS
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There is a very similar thread here. A lot of it is VSR vs SRS
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Advanced VSR Sniper Building Guide
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Thank you, I will look at the thread
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new rifle, srs, vsr 10

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