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Old 09-14-2020, 10:11 AM   #1
Young Gun
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TMMK23 vs. SSX23 price point

What do you all think? I am looking at getting the SSX23 since it is cheaper when you ship to the US. I am open to all suggestions and if I missed any important details feel free to correct me. I don't know if anyone else has done a comparison like this so I just wanted to post it.

Power source = Green gas
FPS = 300 320
Magazine cap. = 28 + 1
Weight = about 42 ounces
Length = 9.5"
Fixed hop up.
Plastic slide
Plastic lower frame
What comes in the box:
LAM unit/module
Green gas mag
Hard case for gun
Total price: gun + shipping to OR USA = $150.29 + $66.88 = $217.17 (Probably not the best price but it does come over seas as it is hard to find people selling them in the US)

Nov SSX23
Power source = Green gas & C02(currently in the process of being made)
FPS = 300 330
Magazine cap. = 24 + 1
Weight = about 30 ounces
Length = I couldn't find the length of the whole gun but the barrel length is 1.7"
Adjustable hop up.
Metal slide
Couldn't figure out what the lower frame is made of.
What comes in the box:
Green gas mag
Allen wrench to adjust hop up.
Hard case
Total price: gun + silencer + shipping to OR USA = $135 + $35 + $9.50 = $179.50
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Old 09-14-2020, 10:33 AM   #2
Skara   Skara is online now
Jr. Sniper
Join Date: Jan 2019
Location: La Spezia, Italy
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TM all the way.

You pay more but you get a functional suppressor with the gun, and it's truly useable out of the box.

The SSX looks good on paper but then you get all sorts of problems like wobbly TDCs, bent barrels, off spec slides, magazine feed lips that don't feed or jam, gas routers badly assembled that shit the bed, uber filthy rubbers (they are autobots, some batches of that rubber had QC issues).

Also your comparison doesn't make sense, you took useless stuff (like the materials and length) into account, plus you got some wrong info. The TM Mk23 has an adjustable hop up, although to adjust it (like most of the older TM designs) you need to separate the slide from the frame. I also think the TM weight is off, the LAM unit is useless and you'll have to take its weight off the total.
Me bolty:
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-Ares steel cylinder with welded pins
-AirsoftPro piston and spring guide
-Guarder SP100
-Action Army hop wheel
-Stock hop chamber with a 3d printed arm
-Maple Leaf 50 MR-Hop + Omega nub
-Action Army 6.03x300mm steel barrel
-Samurai ( straight bolt pull handle and trigger
-FMA Spectre suppressor rethreaded for the barrel 23x1.5 thread
-cheap 4x32 scope

Me secondaries:
-Mk23 (ssx gen 1)
-Action Army AAP01
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Old 09-14-2020, 12:07 PM   #3
CR3160   CR3160 is offline
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I dont know much about the TM but I actually have the SSX23 right by me. You pretty much got all the specs right. The fps for me using Gas was 245fps with .40 bb's. I've been lucky with my SSX23 with no problems at all but I've never gotten to use it in a game due to covid. If you want me to, I can measure the gun with the suppressor for you.
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Old 09-14-2020, 12:47 PM   #4
Young Gun
Join Date: Oct 2019
Location: Oregon
Posts: 49
Well, Skara and CR3160, if you would be willing to help correct the comparison could you please send me the correct info alongside the bad info. Sorry some of it is not correct as I don't have either and I was just pulling the info off of websites. Also Skara, for someone all the way over in the US the SSX23 seems better because you don't know what could happen to the box on its way over here from a different country. It could get bent and dented. That is mainly why I am trying to not by from over seas, plus the expensive shipping costs. Hope I don't offend anyone.
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ssx23, tm mk23

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