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Good news for Raptor SV-98 owners!

Hello y’all.

To write this post I feel like I need to start off at the beginning. It might be a little lengthy, but tldr at the end.
I also feel like I need to write this post so people who might look for the same thing as I did, might have some comfort after reading this.
I recently looked into buying a Raptor SV-98, and I ended up doing so. I received the gun and ohh-my is it cool! The feel and looks of it - just wow.

However, there’s the small fact that Raptor uses Amoebe Striker AS-01 parts for the gun and their cylinder is so small that it’s virtually impossible to make the gun shoot above 2 joules.
I popped in an SHS M190 spring, sealed the cylinder and hop-up chamber, and I were only able to get it up to 1.4 joules on .4g bb’s! I’ve scoured google and searched the internet until my eyes began to burn for an upgrade to this gun, so that I at least can get the joules upwards of what is allowed in my country, which by the way is 4.8 joules on BA rifles (Denmark).

I quite literally found nothing. The striker upgrade parts that exists doesn’t work with the moving hop-up which is on the SV-98. No upgrade parts exists.

I decided to set out for a solution. I had to find some sort of system that would give me the desired joules.

I contacted Mancraft.....

After a few days of silence and me thinking they didn’t give two shits about me and my rifle, an email suddenly popped up - they wanted some pictures of the gun.
After some lengthy emails from my hand, they finally replied with “send that rifle to us, and we will make something for it.”.

This means, that my SV-98 is currently on it’s way to Poland so that Mancraft can design and manufacture a HPA system for the Raptor SV-98.

This post is just so that people who’s looking into buying the SV-98 or looking for upgrades for it knows that something is on it’s way for the rifle, so we can actually get some awesome performance out of this unique looking rifle.


TLDR; Mancraft is currently looking into making a HPA system for the Raptor SV-98.
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Old 10-15-2020, 02:11 PM   #2
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Sounds awesome, doubt I'll get one but cool nonetheless
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If it truly is 1:1 with a striker, it's going to take very little modification to adapt the existing striker HPA cylinder (wolverine or mancraft) to get it to fit. Good news for SV98 fans so long as they dont mind running a small external tank or maybe a 12g co2 source.
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Questions about any of the above, feel free to ask!
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Old 10-16-2020, 06:02 AM   #4
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The real problem of AS01 chambers is not (just) that their air volume makes launching heavy BBs quite difficult, but the fact that the chamber arm isn't up to the job
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- Cylinder: Edgi Nemo cylinder kit
- Chamber: Action Army blue chamber
- Spring Guide: Edgi Nemo cylinder kit
- Piston: Edgi Nemo cylinder kit
- Scope: Discovery 3-12*42

-Sub: Tokyo Marui 5.1 Hi-Capa
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