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Old 04-26-2019, 09:41 AM   #1
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Cause and Effect: The Great Unknown

Have you ever watched a game of pool and thought about how the cue ball just scratched on the 8, you end up having to buy the beer, and if only there had been a hair more backspin on the shot it would have hit the bumper instead of the pocket and your opponent would've bought you the beer instead?

Such is the fine line we tread in this life and even in airsoft tech work...Oh yes, the struggle is real. At some point I decided that off the shelf simply wasn't going to do anymore, and that we should afford the BB the same attention we've given to broadheads and bullets, even though BB's will never result in tasty snacks afterwards. It's complex.

Anyhew, heading out into the abyss of engineering is a deep dark rabbit hole. We try something..something happens in response, so we try something else, and so on. We all know that...we do it here every single day on this forum! But...what if there was no criteria? What if what we're trying is ridiculous, ludicrous, and simply not done? Oh yes...DEEP SPACE.

I fear I may have walked off into the precipice with Bastogne (the tommy gun). Experimental hop up stuff, gearbox stuff, etc,etc. There's no Thompson like it. Every time I try something, it goes all weird....but not in a scary bad's more of a 'if you give me this, I will give you this'...yeah, kind of in a down at the Crossroads, Beelzebub kind of way. Sign here, and the BB's shall fly eternally.

It's not so much this particular model of gun either as nothing of anything in there is stock anymore. NOTHING. I'm so far off the reservation with this build I can't even find the war anymore. It's come to the point where you do something, and you'd best be prepared for anything...and the hours of trying to quantify what just happened that come after.

Now, this may sound terrifying but don't run to the shrink's office just yet. Think of how wonderful this is!! This means that no, the BB mystery hasn't been solved yet. There is still a MASSIVE amount of research and engineering left to do with these silly little toys...and these are just little toys! Can you imagine the massive amounts of information there's left to gather on things like tires, fishing lures, digital audio!! Damn, this is EXHAUSTING!!

They say the human brain cooks along at a whopping 5 to 10 percent of its capacity. I'm seriously believing it. Everytime I think I've got something licked, nope...there's more. Lots more. Even though you think you've got this...nope...more.

..and that's where we're at as of last night with this goofy build. I had a silly 'what if' moment spurred on by a 'what the hell was that' when I tested after the last 'what if' moment. Anyhew, end result? With the loosest spring I can find I'm firing 381 fps at 13 rps on full auto and overhopping .3's to the moon....with the hop 'OFF'. bawwwhaaahaaa...I really need to reevaluate how this hop works.

I won't go into the nitty gritty, but needless to say, the forensic team (me) will be hitting this all weekend to see why that's going on in there. None of it is bad, just unknown!! I feel like I've just invented the communicator watch that uses nuclear fission as a battery.

Happy engineering kids...if we're not back by Tuesday, start scanning the skies with the Hubbel...
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..and nary a whisper was heard..

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Old 04-26-2019, 05:33 PM   #2
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Someone cut him off, he's drunk

But seriously Zero, what have you done now?
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Old 04-26-2019, 10:58 PM   #3
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I’m drunk on SCIENCE!!! Mouuhhaahaa!!!!!

Ok, so dig this. Instead of adding stuff to the build, I decided to take it away. Mainly in the form of friction and resistance. Let’s rethink the whole deal!!!

I reduced the spring, went to a loose but stock motor, reduced and reshaped the nub so that the patch barely touches the BB. Remove, remove, remove...BUT, make sure everything is absolutely smooth and balanced in its function. Basically balancing and blueprinting a gearbox.

The result? A gain of almost ten FPS! It chronos at a rock steady 389 FPS. Semi, auto, whatever...389. On a mostly dead 9.6v nimh battery it still rolls at 12 rps. Absolute madness!!! Next step? Field test.

I really think we’re on to a new/old thought here...less, less, less. Minimalist airsoft tech’ing....I know! Sounds ridiculous, hunh?

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..and nary a whisper was heard..
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