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Medium buget: VSR-10 or MB01C?

So I'm lookinng to buy my first rifle, and I'm willing to put some work into it for upgrades and such. I've found extensive guides on what to upgrade first and so forth. My question is, what would the best rifle to start out with be for a man on a budget?

I plan on doing upgrades over time, but not to the full extent of spending over $500 on it, as I don't have the opportunity to play very consistently. I was wondering which of the following is best:
The L96 MB01C upgrade
Upgraded for a little more money, but for a total of (hopefully) a little less money. Les popular alternative, but it looks cooler (IMO) and I've heard the stock grip is better being closer to 90 degrees than the VSR-10 which has a higher angled grip.
I saw some dude get it done for a grand total of $390, and that fits my budget pretty nicely.

The TM VSG-10 upgraded for a little less money, but with more reliable parts and reviews for a grand total of a little bit more money.

I might also go with the BAR-10, depending on my budget, but that should work rougly the same.

Any feedback is appreciated!
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If I were you I would get the “hopup” app and buy a decent second-hand TM VSR G-Spec. I bought a TM VSR pro for $300 without a scope at evike and a second hand G-Spec for $130 that comes with a scope that costs at-least $70. That’s a lot of difference so go save some money! I dont have lots of field experience but I’ve been reading VSR forums for years and gained lots of knowledge. I suggest you should buy the LayLax Zero Trigger with high pressure piston (dont cut off the air breaker) air-breakers gives you more fps, consistency and accuracy while it suppresses the noise of the gun. You could also get the AA Zero Trigger for a cheaper price but the standard piston that comes with it doesn't have an air breaker. LayLax or AA spring guide works best with this setup. Depending on your fps I would get Maple Leaf Autobot bucking. I use 70 degrees for my bucking. My gun shoots 400 fps on .20 and max range I’ve gotten is 270 feet with .36. Only use .40 or higher if your gun shoots 420+ fps. Firefly buckings are also great but they are just the stock TM bucking with fancy rubber. They work as well as Maple Leaf buckings. Nineballs never worked out for me because it always jammed my gun or double fed. The quality of nineball decreased over the years. For springs I recommend LayLax ones because they last longer than most, theyre quiet and they dont wobble inside your gun after shooting it. I’ve tested multiple hopup chambers including PDI and LayLax and nothing works as good as the Action Army Hop Up Chamber. Has 100% airseal so you dont have to do the teflon tape mod. Barrels are complicated. Don’t get widebores they dont improve your gun the way companies claim they do. It is proven 6.03 is the most consistent and accurate width for the barrel but barrel material matters even more. I use a PDI r-hopped 303mm barrel for my G-Spec and it works like a charm. PDI and LayLax are amazing for barrels. EDGI has a good quality finish but they use brass for their barrels so it doesn’t work as good. You can change your cylinder and cylinder head but you dont have to. Changing to a teflon cylinder makes the bolt pull smoother and getting the laylax cylinder head dampens the noise of your gun while giving better air-seal since they widened the nose of the cylinder head and theres padding on the cylinder head. Also dont forget to get a nub. I suggest you to get a maple leaf nub but you can use other ones too. This build costs around $750 but I got second hand TM VSR-10 G-Spec, LayLax zero trigger with piston for $130 and AA hop up chamber for $30 and paid $410 in total. So I saved a ton of money buying second-hands. I have the same upgrades on my pro sniper but I bought everything brand new and my G-Spec performs as good as my pro sniper even if its second hand. Just make sure the product looks good and always ask pictures and damages on it. I didn’t get a new cylinder but I did get the cylinder head from laylax to lessen the noise of my gun. If you use a 450+ fps spring I can guarantee you will hit 300+ feet with this build.
LayLax Zero Trigger -
Action Army Hop up Chamber -
LayLax Inner Barrel -
Maple Leaf Nub -
Maple Leaf Bucking -
LayLax Spring Guide -

Optional Upgrades:
LayLax Cylinder head -
LayLax Cylinder -
Action Army Outer Barrel -

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