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Better cushion and more silent vsr piston

Any idea of make the vsr piston more quiet?, I have two designs for it and ...I need to draw them first

Update: the two piston heads, one cushion by a spring, and the other by a new design rubber
Tell me what you think
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Look into the WASP or other pistons like it. Airbrake or a soft rubber cup are the two best ways to make it quieter.

I don't think your spring idea would work well due to the complexity and risk of it jamming things up.
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Old 11-17-2019, 09:23 PM   #3
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The new EdGi SAP is fancy and quiet. High price tag like most EdGi parts though!
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Old 12-23-2019, 08:09 PM   #4
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So I’ve never done this to any spring gun, but there is a mod (hammar mod I think it’s called, after the user here who created it) which involves using silicone caulk on the cylinder head. I have done it on a handful of AEGs and all of them hold up for years when done properly. It helps so much with the piston slamming on AEGs that it leaves sorbothane pads and other rubber pads in the dust. So look up hammar mod, or it may even be stickied in the appropriate section. Remember, I have not yet tried it on a bolt action, and have not heard of anyone who has, so try it at your own risk. I may also try it later!
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Old 01-13-2020, 01:01 PM   #5
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Old school solution that works- cut a piece of mousepad (much denser than sorbothane) to the size of your cylinder head, cut the center hole, score up the cylinder head with sandpaper etc, super glue it on. Voila! no more piston slam. Silicone caulk will not stick to rubber rings or metal on the cylinder heads and WILL eventually end up in your hopup and barrel- really bad idea.
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cushion, silent, vsr piston

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