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Jr. Sniper
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KWA MP7 review

Hi guys, here is my review of the KWA H&K MP7
Initial Impressions:
The outside of the box looks nice; mine was a little damaged around the ends.

Opened the box and inside you have the gun, a 48 round magazine, a hopup adjustment tool, the usual bag of bbs, the manual, and a few advertisements secured snuggly in a bunch of styrofoam. I bought my gun from AirsoftGI, so I also had an Airsoft GI Quality Control tag in the box as well that showed it chronoed at 389 fps with .2s.

This gun is feels very nice. I was surprised at how solid it feels. The lower receiver and upper receiver are a nice good quality ABS Plastic. The foregrip locks firmly into place and has barely any wobble. The retractable stock feels nice and sturdy. When you retract the stock, it gives a nice loud click when it is locked into place, so it is really easy to tell if you have pulled it back far enough. The mag release, fire selector, and bolt release are all ambidextrous.

The three rails, the stock slide, most of the bolt assembly and the flash hider are all metal. For the life of me I can’t find my earth magnets to see if its pot metal or good quality metal. Overall, the gun feels really nice.
External functions:
The stock extends and retracts by pressing a button on the top right side of the gun next to the charging handle.

Like I said earlier, the fire selector is ambidextrous and firmly clicks into safe, semi, and full auto. I am not sure if it was designed like this, or if it is just because the gun is brand new, but when switching in and out of full auto, it takes quite a bit of force to move the selector switch.

The foregrip requires a bit of a tug at first to get it to slide down, but once you get past the first bit of resistance, it firmly clicks down. To retract the foregrip, you pull down on the lock at the bottom of the foregrip and pull the grip back up.

The front and rear iron sights can be flipped up or down and the rear sight has a windage adjustment knob.

The magazine release is ambidextrous as well and is located underneath the trigger guard. The bolt release is above the trigger. To adjust the hopup, you must use the hopup tool provided with the gun. The hopup adjuster is located on the front of the gun, above the flash hider.

The trigger is a double trigger (I believe that is what it is called). This is my one complaint, so far, about the gun. I am very light on the trigger and I find that I have to be a bit heavier on the trigger to get it to fire.
One big issue is that a lot of CQB fields consider this to be a pistol and thus chrono it under pistol regulations and it shoots too hot; thus forcing you to buy the Low Power Bolt for it.

Overall, this would make a good side arm or primary (CQB). With the high quality ABS Plastic, I wouldn’t worry about accidentally dropping it.
High quality ABS Plastic that feels very sturdy
3 rails for accessories
Retractable stock and fold up foregrip
Trade marks (for collectors)
Ambidextrous mag release, fire selector, and bolt release
Nice good weight (may be a con for some people)
Foregrip has a slight wobble to it
Standard bolt shoots too hot for most CQB sites
Double trigger (con for some, like me)
Very stiff change in fire selector in and out of full auto (may be just my gun)
Heavy for a pistol (may be a pro for some, like me)
The sling mounts are tiny and require you to run cord through them to attach a sling.

I will have a review of the internals and accuracy/fielding tests next week.
This was my first time writing a review, so let me know how I do and what I can improve on for the next review.
Edit: I tried to scale the pictures down, but it sets them back to their original size when I hit save.

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Very nice... I always wanted one of those or MP9's

I'll move this to the appropriate section.

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Jr. Sniper
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Thanks George. I was half asleep when I posted it to the forum and didn't realize I put it in the wrong forum.
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Jr. Sniper
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Looks like our KWA MP7s are now collector's items.
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Jr. Sniper
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Sadly, but at least we were lucky enough to get them before the prices skyrocket.
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