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Is this the same rifle? (M24)

So, I am having a hard time deciding what the first bolt-action rifle I get should be. I want an M24. I'm not going to spend much on the stock rifle, and then later I'll be upgrading. I'm just going to buy the stock rifle and a inner barrel + hopup.

So, I am wondering if this Snow Wolf M24
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is the same thing as A&Ks M24
S24 Sniper [A&K] -

I am assuming that both are the same because both have APS-2 compatibility and look pretty much the same, as well as having seemingly similar statistics (Weight, stock FPS etc.)

I believe the snow wolf one is better, as A&K doesn't really have much known about them, so I am assuming they make clones, whereas Snow Wolf maybe has a better quality one, because after all, they made some .50 cals that I don't think are clones of anything.

So, help me out, is the A&K a clone? Is the Snow Wolf also a clone? If both are the same, which one would be better to get? I know that both are APS-2 compatible.

I've also read that someone thinks they are both a clone of the Javelin M24, is this true?

EDIT: Sorry for not reading the rules, I just needed this one question answered. Didn't really think of being an active member before I had finally bought a sniper rifle.

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1:read the rules

2:make a intro post (its in the rules)

3:the SW04 is a snow wolf brand, other is a A&K. A&K (aka Matrix) tends to have a LOT more upgrade parts available, and normally a bit friendlily to work with for dyi mods.

In the world of airsoft you really do get what you pay for, cheap out on something, it will bite you.
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I have heard that the A&K version is actually an M28..

Make sure you make your intro post, its a rule.. We have to tell every new member lately that they need to real and follow the rules..

Kinda goes without saying, but apparently we need to say.
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not the same rifle! I have the m24 a&k and is different than the snow wolf! from my point of view the a&k has better internals. (stock 170 m/s spring and everything is either iron(steel), aluminum, aluminum alloy or brass. Only the stock is plastic). It has a vsr cylinder but the piston, spring and spring guide are l96 compatible. The hop up chamber is vsr compatible (what i read, but not 100% sure). the barrel is 509mm long and the trigger assembly is not compatible with the vsr.
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