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Concealment Tips on Hides, Painting, Ghillies, and Rifle Wraps.

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Organic Look- General Discussion Thread

Thought I would start a new thread to facilitate general discussion regarding Organic Look's product line. Here is a link to a previous discussion regarding a rifle wrap project:

And a link to the company:
Organic Look

I received an order this week and will do my best to post up a review as I work through some projects.
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How did you actually order it?
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You need to contact them through either facebook or email to order any of their products at the moment since they are still working on perfecting them.
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First Impressions-

I contacted Organic Look through Facebook and inquired about ordering. They asked me to email them ([email protected]) with order details and we were off and running. They were very responsive by email and the process was pretty easy. Shipping was pretty no frills, and it took exactly two weeks from the time I posted funds via Paypal until the package arrived at my door. I found that pretty impressive seeing as it came from Switzerland.

I am sure prices are subject to change, however, at the time of my order the individual garlands cost €2.16. Packs of the brown zip ties were €1 each. I was really interested in the mesh they show on their website but they currently have none in stock. Shipping was €16 to Texas so a little steep, but that’s the price of admission to do international business and it is understandable.

Before placing my order I asked them about how many individual “leafy shapes” you can get out of each garland. Obviously, this varies greatly depending upon what size you cut them to, but they said an average of 6-10 was reasonable. I measured and each garland is 24” long, so that seems about right. I am looking to use this product to enhance other concealment devices and have no plans (at this point) to make a full suit. I wanted a variety of colors both just to see what they looked like as well as to put together a kit that I can pull items out for different seasons and environments. On their website they show 11 different colors. I ended up ordering a mix of seven colors which I thought would work well in my area: (3) Light Green, (3) Dark Green, (2) Olive Green, (2) Earth Brown, (1) Dark Oak, (1) Oak and (1) Sand. I left out Bluish Green, Light & Dark Beech and Snow for this order. The 14 garlands I ordered will be plenty for the projects I have in mind and could just be enough to put a full suit together depending on the base layer used. I also got two packs of the zip ties as they are the main method shown to attach the “leafs”. Total was right around $60 with shipping, so pretty reasonable.

The garlands themselves seem quality made. They are lightweight but strong. I gave a pretty good tug on one and could see where some of the individual fibers split but was not able to tear it. I think they will hold up pretty well to abuse. One subtle feature that I noticed and appreciated was that not all garlands are die cut to the same shapes; there are at least two varieties that I noticed. This will help you avoid repetition when cutting your individual shapes. What I was really impressed with are the colors. They are definitely inspired by nature and are probably the strength of what (I feel) will make this product successful. I took a few quick pictures just to show you variety and how they blend with the environment.

The first is the green garlands. The second is the browns. On the third
I put the greens next to some vegetation in my backyard just to give you an idea of how the colors blend. The light one may be a little too bright but it will probably work well in the spring time in the right area. And the fourth are the browns laid out on some rocks in my yard for the same type of comparison. I am more impressed with the browns. The last attachment (sorry, was not able to embed the photos for some reason) is what they look like in comparison with natural (undyed) jute and some raffia.

I hold firmly to the belief that “veg is the edge”, ie, natural vegetation is the key to true camouflage. It has been my experience, however, there are times where there is little opportunity to fully prep your ghillie to the exact environment before hitting the field for a game. This is especially true for me when traveling several hours to a national event. It is my hope to use this to enhance my current set up as well as provide a wider variety of options for different climates/ environments. I am thinking of some sort of a camo trick-bag that I can pull cool stuff out from when needed.

I have at least two projects in the works for this. The first is to enhance my boonie/ hood set up (pictured above). It’s a great set up for winter around here, but needs some help to get into spring/ summer. The second project will be to use primarily the browns to enhance an ATACS-AU mesh cover up to be used for urban shooting. As I get stuff done and test I will update this thread.
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Their pictures were surprisingly impressive
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