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Concealment Tips on Hides, Painting, Ghillies, and Rifle Wraps.

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Tooling up to start my spring/summer campaign. I like A-TACS and the concept of no camo fits all AO's. The Marine Corps recognized this and issue accordingly. Obviously two, three, five, whatever number of different camo is not going to cover all AO's. Ghillie matched to AO being the obvious winner for pure concealment. Not a big fan of a Ghillie for Airsoft, limits mobility too much for a short range game with time limits to consider IMO. Great if it fits your playing style, I don't think it will fit mine.

Onto the Propper brand A-TACS. I got these because I know and trust the brand based on various other gear I wore for years. These are Poly/Cotton blend and Im not even sure if Propper does a NYCO in A-TACS. Tru-spec does offer NYCO and the price jumps up significantly enough that I went with the Propper stuff.

This is my first time trying anything like this in Poly/Cotton. These things are STIFF. 2-5 washes should fix that but these will never get the chance with me. Not too impressed with the overall quality and feel. These are made in the Dominican Republic and may meet some MilSpecs but not going to get purchased in mass by any US military (Berry amendment). Sizing is terrible. I fall right in the middle of a M/R for blouse and trouser on the size chart. First shot was with M/R size and noooo, huge on me. Sent them back and now Im working with S/R. Better fit but still not right and way out of spec for my measurements. To be fair the Poly/Cotton blend makes these feel pretty cheap and that is likely driving a lot of my initial dislike for these.

MilSpec BDU's are all NYCO to my knowledge. I know the material is like 2x more abrasion resistant and does better in a fire. Aside from that my experience tells me it just feels better. Poly/Cotton = not for me.

Im going to send these back and either try out the NYCO Tru-Spec A-TACS or just go MCCUU. Bang for buck I don't think you can beat MCCUU.
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