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How to make a tape killflash?

Photobucket has ruined the sticky that showed how to make one of these. I've found lots of tutorials for a DIY straw killflash but i would like to see how this one is made. Anyone have an image or link on how to use tape to make a killflash?

I'm still curious if anyone knows this method but I believe i will go with stir sticks instead of straws. I'd prefer the more randomized pattern that should produce than a bunch of little circles inside one bigger one.

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The tape kill flash is pretty easy to make.
Just put tape on the end of your scope and run it across the opening to the opposite side, keep repeating this but leave a small hole in the middle so you can still see ;)

It's easy to make, the only downside is that less light can enter the scope, thus creating a darker image. If you would do this you might aswell buy a(usually) cheaper 4x20 scope which has a lower profile due to the small size of the lens.

I would go for a straw one or just extend the scope with a tube so the sun can't reflect on the lens.

Hope this helps, if you don't get it let me know, I'll do my best explaining it better.
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