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Concealment Tips on Hides, Painting, Ghillies, and Rifle Wraps.

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Camo in High Desert / Ghillie Viability

I am stuck trying to find a camo suit that works. I live in the High Desert, dominated by tan/almost-white sand, grey sage brush and dark green juniper trees. This is an area with extremely heavy contrast. I wear a lightweight KZS suit and just stick to the shadows under junipers, but movement and any open areas, my KZS is nearly useless.

Here is the best photo from a quick image search I could find (minus the bright green cottonwoods on the left):

I've debated on making a light colored ghillie, but high temps in last weekends game (late September) was 88F. So I'm fairly worried about heat being an issue.

Otherwise, does anyone have any camo suggestions for such a terrain?
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That picture appears to be dominated mostly by sagebrush... IMO sagebrush is a quick and easy way to veg up, you don't have to worry much about leaf placement like you would in a forest (ie, dark side up light side down). You can almost slap in on wherever!

People always joke about dressing up as bushes but, I've learned the hard way that sometimes that being "nothing" is better than being a bush, if you get what I mean.
Anyways, rant over.

I think you're doing exactly what many of us would do, sticking to the areas you blend in with. Whenever I find myself in high contrast areas, I try to choose an area of contrast that allows the most mobility and positional options. In other words, in your situation I would probably just go with something that let me attach grass and sagebrush easily, and stay within sagebrush areas.

Another option, if you have the time and patience (I rarely do ;-;) is to make a ghillie built around the very bottom-most vegetation, tufts of grass, roots and dirt. And before emerging or transitioning between areas of contrast like from sagebrush to juniper trees, changing the vegetation on your head, shoulders and weapon temporarily so as not to silhouette yourself.
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