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Concealment Tips on Hides, Painting, Ghillies, and Rifle Wraps.

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High speed concealment at intermediate distances in a hot climate

Most airsoft days on my side of the world are warm, 30C/85F and higher. I find myself spending more time on the move, between highpoints (including trees) spotting enemies and communicating their movement, composition, etc to the rest of my team.

Depending on the field, my base uniform is desert or woodland digital/marpat with matching boonie. I've loaned a few ghillies and hoods for some games to evaluate them. In both cases, I've found they are way too hot for me to wear while running around, and at typical distances to enemies (>100m) my base uniform does just fine for concealment.

I sometimes do facepaint, but normally wear a shemagh

The problem I'm having is when I'm closer to the enemy - between MED and MER, the digital uniform doesn't quite cut it if the enemy is actively searching for me. Closer than MED, and I know I'm dead.

What can you guys suggest for concealment for intermediate ranges that won't kill me with too many layers?
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From the conditions that you stated it seems that a 3D leaf suit could do the trick. There are many different brands but you can get one as cheap as 15! These can be customized with spray paint, raffia and other important garnishing products available for low prices if you want to customize them. It doesn't matter if there isn't any leaves in the area of operation as long as they are customized properly. However, bear in mind that your movement is even more important. Hope this helped:)
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