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Young Gun
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Custom Leaf Suit Build

Build Inspiration

I have always preferred my classic hessian suit due to the realism it provides at my site. However, the rising popularity of leaf suits caught my attention. I was also interested in the crafting techniques that many people have used to enhance these suits. For many months, I have been searching the web for a perfect leaf suit. I saw a leaf suit in a Hunteering video that had been modified with elastic loops for natural vegetation. Now recently, Kicking Mustang announced his own KMCS suit that looks amazing. But from looking around Facebook, the demand them is so big it's not worth trying to purchase one (goodness knows what the price is!!!). So I decided to make my own customized to my.

Pictures of the KMCS:

What I'll Need

To make the suit it self I chose a 3D leafy pigeon blind. From the pictures, I am impressed with the colour and the cut of the leaves. If I think the colour is too light when I see it I can always darken it. I chose the Brown colour:

To hold in natural vegetation (as well as other things) I will need elastic. I chose 25mm X 5 meters of brown elastic:

To hold this together, I will use a sewing machine. I may use some paracord and some tightening toggles for some extra features as well as other things that will come to mind when I encounter problems.

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Young Gun
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I also plan to do some crafting in this build. I am already quite adept at it,but I will need some extra equipment.

To imitate the forest floor, I will need extra leaves. I will modify these cheap Chinese leaves to match my surroundings: 581551729&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649

To modify the colour of these leaves (and maybe the net and I raffia too) I chose Idye poly: 244226743&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649

I chose a brown and a green.

Raffia is one of my favourite crafting materials as it imitates grass, pine needlesand branches really well. I will dye this to make it more natural: N

I suggest buying some sneaky leaves if you can get hold of them. They give great depth once modified:

I suggest buying some cable ties and some strong glue (I use E600) to apply this garnish. I will experiment with different techniques as the build progresses.

I plan to regularly update this build to leteveryone know where I'm at.

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Pu7z   Pu7z is offline
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I switched to the leaf suit bandwagon about a year ago, after years and years of using the classic jute ghillie, and I can tell you, it makes a difference.

First, I live in Brazil, so it can get really hot from September until April, I think you can see the issue using a jute suit with 35C and humidity between 80-100%. A leaf suit is miles ahead in that regard. I've even used it over shorts and t-shirts, and apart from mosquitoes and thorns grazing my leg, it was ok.

Second, it can really blend to the vegetation, unless it's a grassy field, in which case jute is still better.

Currently I'm working with a North Mountain Gear suit with added fake leaves. Stock it's too gray for my area, but nothing some spray paint can't solve. And it's really light.

Lightweight Breathable Mesh Shell Standard Issue WW Green - NORTH MOUNTAIN GEAR

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Young Gun
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I am a big fan of the North Mountain Gear Suits. They are some of best quality leaf suits out there. I hope that your build goes well.
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