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Concealment Tips on Hides, Painting, Ghillies, and Rifle Wraps.

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Heat and Ghillies - Tips?

Live in Texas, and during the summer it gets so hot, so I can basically only wear the top (semi-)comfortably. I've been looking into creating a belly hide for when we play on private property, which should help as I won't have to wear 2 layers of clothing. Does anyone have any tips in regards to how to manage heat?

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Use a leaf suit. They're typically cooler. In that kind of heat, probably just wear a moisture wicking shirt underneath, and consider only using the top instead of the top and pants.

Also remember the purpose is to disrupt your outline. You don't need tons of crap hanging off of your suit to do that. A little can go a long way if it's placed in the right spots.
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Another option would be to craft a lightweight combat shirt and attach jute, raffia, cotton, haloscreen or whatever you use directly onto the shirt.
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