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Concealment Tips on Hides, Painting, Ghillies, and Rifle Wraps.

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Question What kind of ghillie suit works best?

Im planning to buy a ghillie suit. There are 2 kinds ghillie suits available in our local store. The one is made of burlap and cloth strips (the more common one) and the other one is made with small cuts of burlap cloth that overlaps each other like fish scales (rare, although i have a friend who has one). The site i've playing at is a small jungle and here's a pic of that site (Safe zone only)

(The SVD is not Mine)

So as you can see, the terrain is mostly covered by dead leaves and twigs.
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The best advice I can give you is to make your own ghillie. You will be able to match the colors to your environment. It will also be much cheaper. And unlike a store bought one, it will be completely "yours". Forgive me for being so blunt, but if you don't have the patience to build a ghillie, you probably don't have the patience to snipe.
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My patience is long but the problem is where can i aquire materials and how to make one
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Camo netting
flight suit/bdu

Ive been doing this for a long time. Store bought ghillies stick out. The material synthetic so it shines rather than absorbs light. The suit is made for one type of setting, so if you play in the fall and you have a green suit, you just made my job that much easier. I pop kids and adults in the store bought ghillies all the time. The worst part is that they actually cost more than a homemade one.
Store bought ghillies tell me enough about the player to know what they are about.

Its important to note that a ghillie suit is a ongoing process. You are never done working on it. When making your ghille its important to remember that less is more. Never put allot of jute on your suit. Its should ideally be 70:30 70% local veg and 30% jute. In the Army you'd use zipties, and paracord to tie down veg. Since you dont have to worry about getting stitched for real you can get away with just knotting rubber bands into the netting. Its a field expedient way to apply veg. Another method of applying veg is to run paracord through the netting and tie it off at both ends. Doing so will make a lose grid pattern that is great for attaching veg. After setting up attachment points for veg apply duck canvas to the arms, torso and legs. Once your done youll want to do a "dirty mile" Find a place near a swamp and crawl for a set distance and role. Repeat this and try to find a place with allot of mud. Doing this will get your suit nice and dirty and eliminate and "human" smell on it, it will also get that nasty sheen off the jute and aid in darkening the entire suit. After you have hauled yourself through the mud and grime, take it off and let it sit somewhere moist and wet for a couple days. Them move it to somewhere sunny and let it dry. Its going to reek at first but the dirtier the suit the better it will perform. If you do this right you will have a suit that will absorb light and look like the dead debris around it.
Its important to remember that wearing a ghillie suit doesnt automatically make you a "sniper" There have been times ive ditched the ghillie in favor of normal bdus or even civi clothes. Movement discipline, sound discipline and understanding the terrain are your best tools for getting the job done. Ive been able to sneak past 30 people by simply hugging a ridge line and tailing them while wearing tan pants and a brown shirt.

Ive seen people in both store bought and custom hand made suits make some horrible mistakes which I will go over

Mistake number 1: moving in formation with a fireteam. This is a horrible idea. By wearing a ghillie and following a fireteam around in a standard formation you arent aiding them but if fact hindering their progress. This is because in a squad of semi autos and full auto guns you have a bolt action or a hot semi auto. Your not equipped for a sustained firefight. Following a fireteam around just tells a sniper team or a team lying in ambush that youll be the 1st to be shot. Rather than following a fireteam around; try to move ahead of them or shadow them from one of their flanks.

Mistake #2) lack of cooperation. Generally the spotter is the pointman and will decide the route and when to shoot. When you dont have cohesion in the 2 man team it can lead to a mess of things. The one nice thing about 2 man teams is they generally get along and are really good friends. Try to keep this in mind when looking for a spotter if you decide to go the 2 man route.

Mistake #3 Movement discipline: You can have the Predator's stealth suit, but if your stepping on twigs and bumping against trees than it wont help you. Use nature to cover your tracks. When Im on point I usually plan my route near streams because the cover any sound you make. When you move with the wind it helps conceal your movement. Take advantage of a nearby firefight to move to an alternate shooting position. Anything that is making noise that isnt related to you is a great diversion.
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