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Classic Army M24 LTR - Thoughts So Far

I've had this rifle for a couple weeks now and I think I'm ready to do a little review on it. This review will be somewhat biased, as I've never had a true VSR-10, only the nightmare that is the ASG M40A3. So bare with me on this.

Let me start out by saying, this is the most hardware modification I've done to a rifle. Period. Some of the modifications are listed at the bottom, but does not cover all of them. God help me.
The Externals
Right out of the box you notice the heft of the rifle. I've always hated the rifles that weigh less than 5 pounds, and some of the textures you'll find on some of them. The M24 comes in weighing at 5.5lbs (~2500g), which is a pretty solid rifle for me. The texture of the stock gives you a nice firm grip on the rifle, and isn't glossy like you'll find on some rifles. It comes with a hard-mounted bipod stud and two swivel sling points, which I've found very useful. Additionally, the flip-open magazine door is a nice touch, and may have some use in the future for HPA.... or something cheaper like holding skittles. User preference.

The outer barrel is full metal, however it does seem to be pot metal. The upper assembly and the stock are held together by 3 screws, first day out of the box when I disassembled and reassembled the rifle, the front screw hole was stripped when reassembling with minimal effort. We got it tapped and died from the original 5mm screw to a 6mm screw, but had to do some modification to allow the screw head to fit into the stock. I now know I have to be a bit more careful with that, and a couple weeks later I can still feel that the screw is stripping again. Nonetheless, full metal yo.

At the end of the barrel is obviously your orange tip. I easily removed this just by grabbing a vice grip and pulling on it. Underneath you will find internal threading for a suppressor, however I'm still curious as to what the threading is. The orange tip thread cover measures roughly 13.5mm, so without having an adapter, it's hard to tell which it is. I've contacted my rep at Classic Army to find out further details and if there are future plans for Classic Army releasing their own adapter, I'll let you guys know what I hear back from him. The end of the barrel and threading can be removed, however I do not know if this can be replaced with other adapters.
***EDIT:: My Rep from Classic Army replied back to me and told me that the threads are 14mm.. He didn't specify which cw or ccw, but nonetheless that gets us somewhere and nowhere at the same time. He also said there's no plans as of yet for an adapter, but that we "could always use a suppressor with outward threads". I'm digging through shops but can't exactly find one..

The Magazine I do feel the need to point out. This is very important as this is not a standard VSR-10 magazine. Rather than a button-push system located in front of the magazine, you have a pull-tab mechanism on the magazine itself, which can be difficult when wearing gloves, cold weather, and just in general. The magazine holds 25 rounds, but honestly they are EXTREMELY sensitive to touch. It is very easy for all 25 rounds to come flying out when the magazine is tapped against a wall. This can be partially remedied by taking apart the magazine and increasing the strength of the spring behind the feed lip. It will not prevent it entirely from happening again, but the chances will be lower. After running around all day with a magazine in my pocket, fishing it out and finding an empty magazine was not helpful.
Under the hood, there are a few misconceptions as to what the inner barrel diameter is. I can tell you with 99% certainty that it is a 6.08mm barrel, and not the 6.03mm that is listed on their website. I had a 6.03mm barrel laying around, so I threw that into the rifle and have been using that, so I can't say I've had experience with the stock barrel.

The Trigger Assembly is full metal and features a 90 degree sear, however is not adjustable like they had originally planned. Additionally, it is not VSR-10 compatible to a degree. The Classic Army M24 is almost virtually the same as a stock VSR-10 trigger box, however the screw placements are in different locations. It may be possible to add a zero trigger, however you would need to tap and die new screw holes that would line up. The trigger itself is rather heavy, but has a nice clean break to it. At the shop, we were able to cock the rifle and hold the rifle by the trigger and it would not go off. Some people may like this, others won't. Personally I do like it.

(Note: the spring, piston, and spring guide pictured are not stock)
The Bolt Assembly features an aluminum cylinder, piston, and spring guide. The bolt isn't super easy to pull back, but personally I'm up for actually having to do some work to get some shots out. One thing that is worth mentioning is that when you first get the rifle, and this is after selling a few when I was working at an airsoft shop and having one myself, the bolt will need some extra push when you are sliding forward, at the last 3-4mm. This is actually caused by the nozzle pushing into the Hop-up rubber, which I managed to get fixed by lubing up just a little bit on the nozzle head - not much, a very very small amount. Haven't needed to do it since then.

Now, the cylinder deserves its own paragraph as well. The cylinder head is NOT VSR-10. It's actually about 2mm shorter than a standard VSR-10, and if you were to throw in a stock or aftermarket VSR-10 cylinder head, the bolt will not fully close. That is because of the Hop-up unit.

The Hop Up Unit is ALSO NOT (entirely) VSR-10. It is very very similar, however it is probably about 2mm smaller in diameter than your standard VSR-10, and thus you also have a smaller diameter outer barrel, which means you cannot throw in an aftermarket VSR-10 unit without reducing the size of the unit itself. Not something that sounds pleasant to me. As if that wasn't enough, once again the screw holes are in a different location and would require some tap-and-die as well. Additionally, the Hop-Up Arm is similar, however the post that the arm rides on is slightly smaller than that of a VSR-10, which gives it a bit of play from side to side. This can be remedied with some bushings, but is not something I look forward to. However, with that being said, the stock lever arm features the two-prong system that comes down on the bucking However the lever arm is blocked halfway down the track, so don't worry if you can't turn your hop-up all the way 'off' if it's only halfway down the cutout on the side of the rifle, that actually is off. I'm not too familiar with buckings, but the bucking itself looks pretty normal, with a rounded contact point. It takes VSR-10 buckings.
On a side note, reassembling the unit is somewhat difficult because of the way it was designed. The spring for the BB stopper that sits inside of the hop-up unit right above the magazine rests against the left half of the unit, and everything else rests against the right side of the unit. Basically,
it's nigh impossible to get the barrel perfectly straight up and down with the unit because you have to install this stupid thing upside down.
Out of the box, the rifle shoots at about 420-430FPS, however mine was shooting roughly 470FPS and dropped down to 450FPS after a bit. The rifle shoots very nicely, but as some users have pointed out there's a slight left curve out of the box. As noted before, when cycling the bolt, you need to really push forward on the rifle at the last 3-4mm as the nozzle is entering the hop-up unit. Taking it out to the field, I was getting people with ease at 150 feet. Not too impressive, but after upgrading this rifle it's been performing a LOT better.
My Thoughts - 3/5 stars
I would love to recommend this rifle to people, as I love Classic Army and what they have been doing in recent years. However, I cannot tell you that this is the go-to rifle for anyone, really. The lack of VSR-10 compatibility is a bit disheartening, something that anybody who is looking to have free-range of upgrades is not going to find comforting. The rifle is a great starter, but could have been so much more. As I helped a local shop market this rifle out to the public and wrote an entire blog post on it going off of what the reps had told us, that it was 100% VSR-10 compatible, I'm a bit let down. The feel of the externals are great, and the full metal internals are superb, but the pot metal outer barrel that is allowing essential screws to strip is worrying. Proprietary magazines, hop-up unit, and cylinder head is not something that I was looking forward to. Overall, I give this rifle a 3 out of 5 stars, purely due to how Classic Army has told us that the rifle is fully VSR-10, and even shows that it is on their website. We all love upgrading our rifles, which is also part of the reason I left the M40A3. Somebody else had built that gun and I bought it secondhand from them with all the upgrades in it. I wanted something that I could upgrade, and being limited on it is not something I was wanting.

Nonetheless, I will continue to build this rifle. As of writing this, I'm going back and forth with Mancraft HPA. The M24 that is listed in their website is for the older versions, and the being that this rifle is not VSR-10 when it comes to the cylinder head, then you can't choose that option right now. I'm providing them with some of the details and hopefully we can see an option to HPA this rifle in the future.

My Upgrades and Modifications so far..
So I would love to post pictures of all of the modifications I have done, however that would be quite a bit. I'd rather keep it short and simple in a bullet point list, and I'm going to go over some of the point I've already talked about. Yes I know I have a barrel sticking out of my gun, and yes I hate it. I've salvaged some of these parts from my ASG M40A3 as I've decided to retire the gun. Additionally, I was not the one who upgraded that M40 and I'm not entirely sure what's all in the gun. So enjoy the vagueness.
  • ASG M40A3 6.03mm 554m (longer than stock barrel, had to drill out end cap to fit barrel through hole)
  • Laylax SP170 Spring
  • Steel Ball Bearing Spring Guide
  • Some weird fancy blue aluminum piston
  • SHS Hop Up Bucking (two teeth contact points)
  • Shaved down hop up spacer to fit between stock lever arm prongs to even the distribution between the two prongs coming down on the bucking.
  • Drilling out and extending the hop-up arm's capabilities, shaved down the top of the arm to prevent from being applied by the outer barrel (not recommended)
  • LIGHT USE of teflon tape securing the barrel and the bucking together.
  • More lube than I ever thought I would need.
After these modifications, I've reached 550FPS (the maximum allowed at my local field), and shooting with 0.4's I can hit dead on accurate at 250 feet, provided wind conditions are fair.

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Thanks for the info. Nice review.
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The Shaggy Sniper, great review, verrry accurate to what the rifle is like. I'm sure you one of my posts is what you were referencing with that left curve. I do need to get some shims to put on the hop up to help stabilize the arm. The info about the barrel is really helpful since I feel that may have something to do with some of the inconsistencies in flight.

Other than needing the shims, I am happy with the hop up and just want to change the bucking to a softer durometer rubber to help pick up the .40's I have.

The orange tip is just glued on without threads so you can just rip that right off. Threads are there right inside once you do that.

Is 150 feet all you are getting? I've got an AA M150 spring reaching and touching around 230ft with .32's. other than my left curve and the same mag issue (turning in to a palm sized shotgun) I haven't had too much trouble with it. Great Review though!
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Can you add for me the diameter of the spring? I want to replace the stock one to an M140-150. Thanks
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