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KJW m700 Build/Overview

The M700 Project

Hello for those of you who do not know me, my name is Tim obviously. Over the past few years i have creeped on this site soaking up all of the knowledge I could. Since then i have built quite a respectable VSR 10(including one of reliku's beautiful vsr'r's). But I've always had a fascination with gas guns, the countless hours I've spent watching Dobey's videos are numerous. Wanting desperately to build my own Kjw I abandoned all hope when i was unable to buy a king arms hop up chamber. I then purchased an ASG M40a5 instantly falling in love with the system, but always wanting to build my Idolized gun. A short while ago i found that action army designed a hop up chamber for the m700 and all hope was renewed! Anyways on with the build

Kjw m700 police version(naturally)

Action Army aac21/kj m700 hop-up chamber(they make one specifically for the Tanaka as well)
Action Army B-03-015 AAC21 / KJW M700 Hop-Up Chamber

Action Army AAC21 Custom outer barrel(stock will need modification)

laylax 555mm Inner barrel

Pre-cut/sanded Rhop patch

Flat hopped bucking by hopsystems, because hopefully They did a better job than i could!

King arms m700 Magazine

wraith co2 Adapter by Wolverine Airsoft

Constant flow adapter(hope it works with the king arms mag)

Line kit for the fittings(separately they were out of stock so i bought the kit)

And 1/4th macro line(3 units so i would have extra)

G&G Rubber for bolt seal

To add to this build i already have a Mancraft Mars regulator i wanted to recycle, i don't think they sell them anymore. The added benefit of the Mars regulator is it has an extra built in expansion chamber on the bottom which should help the Wolverine Adapter's expansion kits to prevent Co2 bypassing the regulator.

Now why i bought what I did,
First the police version because the breakdown is an apparent no go!

The Hop up, the original is sub par! The action army m700 hop up is robost, It is very very similar in design to the vsr 10 hop up they designed so very bueno!

The outer barrel, it should have better tolerances than Kjw's outer. Not to mention it's shorter and has a threaded barrel 14mm-!

Next i got the laylax barrel, and Rhop patch because why not! I've been told the Action army outer fit's a 507/509 Inner perfectly, but i needed a bridged barrel that was of decent quality. The fact that the company that sells the patches precut for that particular barrel was all the convincing i needed.

The King Arms m700 magazine, It has a more widely used valve that I Imagine is more precise than the older design, not to mention it's only $50(Just hope the constant air adapter is compatible)

The Wraith system, I purchased this because the changeable piercing length appealed to me. Having gone through so many seals on my mancraft adapter, and wasting so much co2 with every input I was ready for a change!

Constant air adapter...I got this because I am lazy!

I will be switching to a swivel elbow for my magazine connection just to make reloading less awkward, but as for lines/fittings 1/8th npt is easy enough. I also feel the 1/4th line is a lot more durable than many other cheap line variations, so I'm going to give it a go.

As for converting my mars regulator to 1/8th npt, i have two routes one which is obviously going to work which is a mancraft specific qd fitting from amped airsoft coupled with a female 1/8th npt to female qd from amped airsoft. The second option which i would prefer is a 5m to 1/8th npt female fitting.(mancraft said the mars regulator was 5m threaded so we'll see).

Build should Start By this weekend I'll probably add pictures/talk about results.

P.S. ROAST ME, I know a Wolverine Bolt would have been cheaper.(But hopefully this helps someone)
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Originally Posted by XxTimxX View Post
P.S. ROAST ME, I know a Wolverine Bolt would have been cheaper.(But hopefully this helps someone)
A Wolverine BOLT still wouldn't have provided realistic bolt cycling, which is the #1 reason to go with a gas BASR in my book.

I believe it's a really solid build. Since you'll be running a regulated CO2, it'd be great to consider developing some sort of bb-stick-only mag changes, fixating the gas part of the mag to prevent any leaks between the mag and the nozzle input (plus making additional "mags" a gazillionth of the price)

P.S. don't forget to tell us about the VFC M40A5 / KJW M700 stock compatiblity ;)
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Old 06-25-2019, 11:05 PM   #3
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King arms mags are compatible with the constant air adapter from palmers pursuit!!! Working long hours so not much free time. But updates are coming! Mag seems high quality good build construction. I think it should perform better than the older system.
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Also forgot to update last night I set up my wraith c02 adapter....100% compatible with the mars regulator! Now I have the added benefit of the mars’s Additional expansion chamber and odd suspended needle design. I have high hopes for its performance. Also the guys at wolverine were right, the adjustable piercing length is very effective! The c02 adapter that came with the mars regulator was terrible in comparison. Almost an unnoticeable amount of c02 loss during puncturing when set correctly. Highly impressive I must say.
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Old 06-26-2019, 12:08 AM   #5
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Great! Please do the mag compatibility test whenever you find the time :)
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Old 08-15-2019, 06:33 AM   #6
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Following this project.
Hopefully you will have some more updates soon, I'm keen to hear more about the AA HOP unit.
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Old 08-15-2019, 03:20 PM   #7
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Also very interested to hear your findings! i just picked up a PCS tanaka and have an opportunity to buy a spartan kit but im wondering if its worth it considering action army makes great hop units. perhaps this new one will exceed many expectations! do you have a spartan kit yourself to test it against?
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