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Extremely Hard / Rough bolt pull with AP Internals!

Hiya guys, a few days ago I bought the AirsoftPro bundle kit for my VSR which came with Zero Trigger, M140 Spring, 90 Piston, Cylinder and Cylinder Head, however upon installing all these parts I'm not getting any hop on any BB's, even when it's fully turned up I'm just not getting any hop (with Maple Leaf 75 Bucking) and for some reason the bolt pull is very very hard to pull back compared to stock and is really rough, does anyone have any advice for replacements parts or just in general?

Thanks guys!
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Maybe the screws are scratching the cylinder, or the new trigger is too close attatched to the reciver pushing up the piston ínside the cylinder walls, try to putt a flat shimmer in the trigger screws between the trigger box and the reciver
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Check the hopup for proper function, do you have the right nub? Does the patch protrude into the barrel window?

Also with hopup off, check your fps. ASP springs are notoriously overpowered. It wouldn't surprise me if that's causing the heavy bolt pull.

The roughness may be down to lubrication, protruding screws, or both.
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I have a different problem with AP kit, when i cock the gun and i move the bolt foward to it's initial position i have to push it with a little force to be totally in his place, is that normal with the AP kit?

Edit: I can upload a video if needed

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Old 12-08-2018, 01:33 AM   #5
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Rough bolt pull push almost always comes down to how components are centered in cylinder and screws protruding. First remove cylinder components and put only cylinder inside receiver with trigger, check how it moves, if it moves fine then your problem is in internals. Another trick is when you assemble just the receiver wo any internals, leave trigger in, feel on the bolts with your finger from inside, this is a good way to check if they are protruding.

Lastly check piston movement in cylinder wo any other components, it should move freely.

My idea is to check for problems one by one, one variable at a time, this is how we do aircraft inspections. Once you located the problem, let us know and we will be able to help you more.
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I have enxountered this problem before. in this case i would guess it comes from stopper and guid-rod are not in properposition. Try to get around that and the bolt action will be smooth as silk again
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