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New Airsoft Sniper Questions

I have just purchased my first airsoft sniper (Tokyo Marui VSR-10) I have been playing airsoft for a year or so now with an aeg but have been wanting to get a sniper for a while and I have finally got one. I plan on taking it out this weekend for some games as stock (I plan on upgrading it in the near future)

I have a few noob questions that I cant seem to find the answers online.

1) What weight bbs would be best for a stock Tokyo VSR-10?

2) I live in Northern Irelans and the fps limit is 330 fps, as far as im aware the Tokyo Marui VSR-10 is 280 fps as stock. What upgrades would be best to get from 280-330? All tbe post I have seen show how to upgrade to 350+
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Old 05-17-2019, 07:48 AM   #2
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1) .28-.32g

2) With that low of an fps you may be better off with a DMR style rifle that is semi automatic if you're intent on sniping or sharpshooting. The only advantage you have with a bolt action sniper in most parts of the world is increased range and accuracy that is in part due to the increased power level (500fps+) you're allowed. While FPS isn't everything, 330 is too low to give you any appreciable advantage over the average AEG.
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Originally Posted by AccurateDMD View Post
330 is too low to give you any appreciable advantage over the average AEG.
Except if you want to make a very silent bolt action and plan to use a ghillie.
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Originally Posted by KaPu View Post
Except if you want to make a very silent bolt action and plan to use a ghillie.

When done right, a 600fps rifle will be quieter than a Socom pistol. That is quieter that a stock VSR with a low fps spring
Down the bottom of this first post will show you how quiet a high fps rifle can be. Check out the video. It has AEG's as well as my VSR10.
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Live in New Zealand and want Action Army Parts? Check out this thread:

Advanced VSR Sniper Building Guide
Advanced L96 Sniper Upgrade Guide
Choosing the right spring and making it work
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Dear Impact116,

Congrats on your new purchase. It's hard to go wrong with a VSR.

You've got a technical question and there's no simple or easy way to answer. You are looking for a specific FPS base on BB weight, but with unknown variables.

Even though the VSR is "stock" that does not mean that it will shoot the same as the guy next to you who also bought a VSR. They can vary from gun to gun. The FPS that is advertised is only an average number and then it is rounded to the nearest 5 (for easy marketing purposes). Sorry.

There is hope, but it's going to take some work on your part. The best way is to get a chrono or go to a shop that has one you can use and measure your shots. Make sure that you are using the weight of BB that you are going to use on the field. (I don't use anything less than .40 BBs in my sniper rifle. Typically I use a .45.)

After that, it's just a simple matter of dialing in your spring. If your spring is shooting hot, don't immediately replace it or cut it down. Break it in first. I found that it takes at least 100 to 150 shots. If you find that you are shooting hot, you'll have to buy a higher spring. Again, break it in. Once you've done that, clip it down little by little until you are in the green. Remember, don't cut your spring too much. Always cut short. You can clip more latter if you need to but you can't add more spring if you overdo it.

I hope this helps you.


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