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airsoftpro hop up chamber instead of AA (Well mb03)

Okay so here is the deal, I've already got a scorpion evo, a TM AEP and a bunch of springer shotties and a backup weapon, but need a cheap sniper to shoot cans with as it seems my favorite guns are springers for some reason. mb03 is too cheap to pass for me, but naturally I'll upgrade it. It will never be used for games, but I need it to shoot straight enough, scorpion evo is pretty good stock and I'd want it at least that accurate after spending 150 or so on upgrades.

My budget is very low on this and availability on AA parts is iffy at best, so naturally I'll be ordering the entire shebang straight off airsoftpro and be done with most of it right away.

Is it a very big deal to skip AA hop up and barrel, and what would you recommend for a cheapest possible configuration from airsoftpro?


Might be best to start off with their good parts: maple leaf hop up rubber, new barrel, on stock hop chamber

Then, if needed, get the damn action army hop up chamber?

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I'd just clean the stock barrel and get a decent arm for the stock chamber.
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Ok. The Well mb03 stock hop up is crap. I have one. Trust me. Look, the difference is 20 pounds but the peformance difference is massive. All Pdi style chambers tend to be less effective at pushing down on the bucking and the AA chamber is so much better. Also AA gives you 100% airseal which is nigh impossible with airsoft pro as it has an aeg bucking. What is more Vsr buckings are much more effective at hopping than aeg. You will have a funner time with the AA chamber. Also the airsoft pro has those weird o rings which I don't trust.
I have used a similar one and didn't like it.

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