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I Need Help With My VSR-10 Build

So after 3 years of using a walmart kit I've decided to try sniping. I've already cut back on my spending and I'm bejng very frugal so I can afford this so money isn't a issue, I just want advide in what I can add or change to make my sniper the best it possibly can.

Rifle: Vsr10 Custom
Hopup Chamber: Action Army
Hopup Bucking: Maple Leaf (R-hopped)
Bucking Hardness/Degree:
Hopup tensioner/Spacer: Brand/Homemade
Barrel: Edgi, 6.02
Barrel Spacers: Brand/Homemade
Piston: W.A.S.P Piston
Piston Weight: If known
Spring guide: Brand
Spring: Brand
Cylinder: Brand
Trigger: Springer 90 degree trigger
Ejection Port Cover: Yes/No
BB Weight: Brand/Weight
Approximate FPS with 0.2gm: FPS
Approximate Joules with heavy bb: Joules
Scope: Brand/Magnification/Size
Bipod: Yes/No (If yes Brand too)
Silencer: Yes/No (NOTE: Just say yes or no for this please as we are not allow to talk about silencers on this forum)

Thank you and have a wonderful day!

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A few tips I can offer: 1. Softer buckings are known to be more consistent (longevity shouldn't be too big of an issue, you're using a single shot gun). Someone here can correct me if I'm wrong, that's just what I've read. 2. Scope magnification doesn't need to be tepescope level. That 3-6 range seems to be popular, but it doesn't hurt to get a large variability scope to be able to SEE further for scouting. Just make sure it's not too heavy. I use a CVLIFE scope off Amazon, (I think it's like a 50 mm) and it really makes the gun a decent but heavier. Like, you feel like your lifting weights. It can make that big of a difference. 3. Barrel spacers are a bit of a no brainer. I haven't personally used them (I currently run a DMR) but I have my first bolt action rifle arriving on Wednesday and I can guarantee that will be the FIRST thing to be "upgraded." 4. Bucking choice appears to be good, looks like you've done your research (again, I've only used the AEG version, but the VSR ones are said to be fantastic). It appears that the MR Hop bucking is getting a lot of support now. Airseal at the cylinder head interface will be a bit poor, but shots are supposed to be more consistent than that of the Autobot. I hope this all helps, and I will just say that a lot of this is just forum knowledge I've picked up over the years/months and not personally tested. I hope others can confirm/help.
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Looks good but you have not got your spring strength on there. You may need an upgraded cylinder too.
Personally, I would only get a 3-9x40 scope.
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