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how do I know for sure if I'm volumed correctly

I'm running a 430mm 6.01 with .43/.45s, I know that's supposed to be the perfect ratio, but when I put a foam suppressor on the end of the gun it still seems quieter, how do I know for sure that I don't have excess gas coming out of the barrel
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A suppressor should always make the rifle quieter because you’re dampening any excess sound. But measure and do the formula if you really want to confirm your volume. Keep in mind piston length, sorbo pads, and technically barrel bore have an effect.
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the correct absolute perfect volume isn't going to quiet the sound that much. An overvolumed system on the other hand, will sound louder. Test this by shooting a heavy weight vs a light weight. Huge sound diff. On overvolumed systems, (like a 430 shooting .2g bbs, or a g-spec shooting anything without a suppressor,) the sound signature will be a lot louder.

In your case, you're fine. If you're off by a few millimetres, it's not gonna make a difference. Oh, and as Blind said, a suppressor, while more effective in an overvolumed system, is always going to make a difference. Suppressors are effectively the equalizers of overvolumed to proper/under volumed, but they will still always make a little difference no matter what.
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A perfectly match cylinder to barrel to bb weight ratio is meant to give you the most energy possible for that bb weight. It is not meant to make the rifle quieter although that is one of the benefits.

Even though all the gas in the cylinder may be used, there is still negative air behind the bb which can drag gas behind it. This negative pressure could also well drag sound with it. So a silencer is useful for capturing this gas/sound that has been dragged out.

The other theory I have is that once the piston has finished moving and the remaining compressed gas exits the barrel, the pressure becomes less as it expands. The prefect cylinder to barrel ratio may be recorded when the pressure is at it's peak and not as it drops off. So if the perfect cylinder to barrel ratio gives the most energy at its peak of the pressure and there is a little bit of gas left that is diminishing in pressure but still expanding, then this diminishing pressure may be the excess sound that comes out. So only a very little but enough to make a sound.

Well these are my theories/speculations as to why there is still sound coming from a system that all the gas should be use.
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