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Old 05-19-2020, 09:01 AM   #1
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AA Receiver + stock external barrel issue


I've just recently got back to my VSR as slowly there are chances for airsoft events to be back.

Anyway I've put in Action Army receiver, like the one on the screen below.

I've screwed the external barrel (CM.701C) back in, and I could not put the rifle properly back into the stock (CM.701C)
I've established that the issue is that the external barrel screws in, one less twist than with the stock receiver (also CM.701C)

I've compared the both receivers - same length. Issue is that the thread area in the AA receiver is about 1mm shorter. It's hard to see on the pictures, but I've measured it to be sure.

Stock receiver on left, AA on right.

You can see scratch line/ring marking how deep the barrel screws into the stock receiver (screwed into AA receiver on the picture)

Question for the AA VSR10 receiver users

Did anybody else, using AA receiver, encountered that issue with any other stock external barrel ?
I would like to know the the problematic brand(s) name, as I guess I will have to either get new external barrel (not a fan of fluted AA design, but might work) or a base platform (bar 10 ?).

I thought about filing down some parts, but it would mess up screw holes alignment. I also suspect that the cylinder nozzle might not be going as deep into HU as with the stock receiver now.

The only stock parts (CM.701C)) in my VSR are - Outer barrel, stock, Trigger guard.

Any information will be greatly appreciated :)

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Old 05-19-2020, 09:16 AM   #2
Jr. Sniper
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I don't know much about either the AA receiver or CM.701C VSR but could be pretty simple to cut/grind that 1mm off the end of your CM.701C outer barrel. I assume the hopup block is what is preventing it from going back into the stock by that same distance which would mean it should retain the right relationship between nozzle and hopup unit.
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Old 05-19-2020, 09:25 AM   #3
Jr. Sniper
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I bought a maple leaf outer barrel with mine. I haven't tried my stock well mb03 outer with it though.

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Old 05-22-2020, 08:16 AM   #4
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@Jbrinker1 @BlackDogAirsoft thanks for your input :)

I went with BlackDog's option - ordered AA outer barrel. Hope that will solve the issue.

Maybe it's just me, but I've filed a threaded element before, and I find it so easy to damage the threading itself, (without obvious signs on it).
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Old 05-26-2020, 01:06 PM   #5
Jr. Sniper
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I see where you are coming from. I have a thread file so make really quick and easy to touch up external threads by hand. I have touched up some aluminum threads before with a razor knife but that was a little touchy and probably a little too dangerous. Got the job done though. None the less, a thread file set can be a really handy little tool to have for not a lot of dough (30-60$ for a good set).
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