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Old 05-21-2020, 02:08 AM   #1
Young Gun
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Thoughts on the Action Army AAC T11?

Hi, I looking to get myself a new sniper rifle, this time on the VSR platform.

Ive been considering a BAR10 or a CYMA 701, however the AAC T11 also looks like a good option, although I havent seen many reviews for it.

Anyone got one and can share their experiences?
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Old 05-21-2020, 04:56 PM   #2
Young Gun
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I haven't used or touched one, but I hear that the T10 is quite nice.
If you want a cheaper gun the CYMA 701 would be the best option as the one that I used to have was very very strong and was fully VSR compatible.
The stock also has a very nice texture which I really enjoyed.
Really any clone would be perfectly good, except the WELL series due to their receiver and cylinder being lower quality and smaller.

My prize VSR-10

Base Gun Tokyo Marui VSR-10 G-SPEC
Power System Old Style Wolverine Bolt
Power System Upgrades Airsaver spring with 2 shims
Cylinder Wolverine Aluminum Cylinder
Barrel Airsoft Philosopher 6.04X475mm
Bucking Airsoft Philosopher 40
Chamber Airsoft Philosopher CNC Chamber
Barrel Spacers 10 Spacers Made Of Solid Masking Tape
Mag Release Angel Custom (its really good!!!)
Banananananananana Spartan Doctrine 40mmX335mm With Special Cream
Battery Titan Power 7.4V X 350mah HPA Battrey
BBs BLS .45, BLS .48, Novritsch .46

DIY Mods
Stock Filled With Old Socks, Leather, Tape and Foam, Cylinder To Barrel Guide Sleeve Made Of A Seltzer Bottle, Dust Cover Made Of An Arizona Can, Short Stroked Cylinder, 90 Airline Fitting, 1/4 Extra Strong Airline

Future Upgrades
Homemade 5,000PSI Airstock, Carbon Fiber Outer Barrel, AirsoftPro Receiver, Maple Leaf Bolt Handle, Palmer’s Pursuit Dual Regulators, First Strike First Stage Regulator, IR-Hop, Delrin Cylinder Sleeve, And A Possible Skeleton Stock Sort Of Like Plazmaburn’s VSR-X
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Old 05-22-2020, 04:07 AM   #3
Young Gun
Join Date: Mar 2019
Posts: 30
Ive heard mixed things about the CYMA 701, saying that it will have compatability issues, isntead of using a BAR10 as a base gun.

What about the CYMA 702? (I like the M24 look)
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