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Stuck on DMR build, velocity drop

Hey all,

So I got a round to building a DMR from the gun my sweet amazing wife bought me last year. I am stuck and frustrated and can't seem to solve this problem. I did some mods and I am getting perfect cylinder compression and very good compression at nozzle (not perfect because I am using stock nozzle with no o-ring). System is volume balance for .32g bbs.
Here is my issue.
Velocity w/.20 410fps no hop 390fps with nice slight hop
Velocity w/.30 330fps no hop 270fps with nice slight hop

Using a ML macaron bucking with ML omega nub. This is got to be the issue correct? I taken it out quite a few times now and cleaned it readjusted it and still similar results.

I am going to put the old bucking back in and try tonight.

Got a event saturday and really want to take my gun from momma. I do got the mb03 if all else fails.

Okay, so I flat hopped it with g&g green with same omega nub and getting much better results.
Velocity w/.30 330 no hop 320 with nice slight hop.
So I think either the macaron just wasn't gripping the bb enough (doubting this as it is pretty tacky) or more than likely causing a pinch jam of sorts in stead of gradually contacting the bb. This does stink because I have heard a lot of good about the macron and was super excited about it.

Still a little disappointed with slight velocity drop but I think that might have to do with my stock non-oring nozzle. Any thoughts?

Still wasn't happy with accuracy results. Made a eraser nub and now it is shooting very well. Now I am curious if my problems were more with the omega nub than the macaron bucking. Going to try the macaron with eraser nub sometime after the event tomorrow.

So is there a good concave drop in nub on the market that is worth buying (performs better than eraser nub and reasonable price)? as so far I am hating the omega nub and wouldn't pay 15-20$ for some of those other nubs as they seem too close to the omega. Anyone have a lot of experience with a good aeg nub?

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