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Specna Arms Standard Inner Barrel Quality

So I'm aware that Specna Arms guns come with 6.03 mm precision inner barrels, however, what I want to know is how good are the barrels. Are they actually 'precision' barrels or are they just normal barrels that someone made slightly thinner.
Probably going to get a Specna and HPA it at some point during 2020 so I'm wondering whether I should bother digging up my old ZCI barrel, or whether the Specna 6.03 Barrel is fine.
I understand that so long as it is straight and clean then, as the song of old goes 'everything is awesome', however, I suppose what I really want to know is if it needs lapping to smooth it out on the inside.
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You may as well get the gun and look at the bore and just test it before you really decide.
Lapping is definitely good for any barrel, but it only really matters when you have run out of upgrades such as R-Hop and better BBs.
If it is stainless then I would suggest you use it if it rolls well on a very flat surface like a granite counter top or a large window and there is nothing else readily wrong with it.
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Specna arms edge series comes with 6.03 brass barrel. Not the highest quality. Aftermarket specna arms barrels are rebranded ZCI barrels.
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