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ZCI red alloy hopup chamber review

I have been using a zci alloy hopup chamber in my aeg for the past couple of months.
I have concluded that it is probably best not to buy this chamber. In my opinion, for aegs, it is best to either use the stock chamber, go for a cheap, plastic rotary one like the shs or zci polymer rotary hopup chamber or go for the maxx model.

Nevertheless, I am going to go into a little more detail about this hopup chamber.
Keep in mind that I am being rather pedantic here so even things that are normal to other hopup chambers have been picked up on in the criticisms.

Overall chamber and barrel photo:


Bad thing 1: The barrel and hopup rubber wiggle about in the chamber a lot.
This isn't much of a problem when it is inside the gun, however, when putting it back together, it can be quite hard to get the alignment right.

Photo of how far you can turn the barrel counter clockwise. You can see the maple leaf hopup patch tilted about 5 to 10 degrees to the left:

Photo of how far you can turn the barrel clockwise:

Bad thing 2: the hopup chamber does not come with a stabilisation ring- at least my one did not- (on other images I have seen them with one) and the one from my rifle's stock chamber is much too thin. I would also say that the chamber is slightly too wide for the barrel even though my barrel is a zci barrel which a) is made by the same company as the chamber and b) zci barrels are known for being quite wide.

Therefore, I had to stabilise the barrel by wrapping tape around it and cutting the tape down to size so it didn't stick out.

Bad thing 3: when I first got the chamber, the pin did not fit well in the hopup arm and it was rather had to get it it because it was so tight. I expanded the hole in the arm a little by pushing a small allen key through it, however, I had now expanded the hole too much and the pin is prone to slipping out.
This is why you should always place the pin with the head facing inside the gun- so it doesn't slip out.

Photo of hopup arm and pin:

Bad thing 4:
The spring the hopup chamber came with (the one that mounts on the front in order to create air seal with the nozzle) was very loose on the mounting screw and often came off when putting the chambe in.
I fixed this problem by putting on the stock spring from my cyma platinum which sits very tightly and is unlikely to ever come off.

Photo of hopup chamber with cyma platinum spring added to it:

Bad thing 5: the hopup arm is slightly loose inside the chamber and moves from side to side. This is very easy to solve, just put a couple of aeg shims on each side of the arm. Pretty much standard procedure for hopup chamber optimization.

Image of arm in chamber:

Good thing 1:
The window of the hopup chamber is pretty much perfectly sized for maple leaf nubs. There is practically no side to side movement

Image of nub in hopup window:

Good thing 2:
It comes with a hopup wheel retaining clip- this prevents the hopup wheel from screwing off- something some other chambers (madbull cough cough) rely on o-rings to do. This clip sits very nicely and will not come off from shaking.
The easiest way I've found to take it off during disassembly is to stick an allen key into the small hole on the side of the clip and just pull it off.

Photo of allen key in wheel:

Good thing 3: It's anodized red and looks sexy...nuff said.

Good thing 4: the wheel is stiff to turn to adjust the chamber. This means that it can be adjusted more precisely and also that it will not turn by itself when you fire your aeg.
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Look like a one of Prowin copies.
To be honest, problem nš1 is present on most chambers, I even prefer that it wiggles than a super snug fit, a lot easier to disassemble.
Apart from the pin issue, rest are soooo common on other chambers. As long as this chamber is about 15 bucks (most of the prowin copies ranges around this) I don't see why not.
Of course for about half of the price you get the polymer version of it which does the same thing (and better, less nozzle wear) but people have a thing for CNC anodized aluminum.
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