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Old 03-27-2014, 11:55 PM   #1
bobcat   bobcat is offline
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DMR vs. Bolt Action?

Hey guys!
So recently my spring rifle crapped out on me so I purchased an expensive trigger, which ended up failing as well. A teammate of mine recommended a DMR. Now this guy has no experience being a sniper, in fact he tried it with a brand new G&G G96 and hated it. Anyway, I've looked into the DMR world and I am wondering what the major differences (style of play, usability, reliability, etc.) are between a DMR and a spring bolt action.
I am somewhat new to teching AEGs, but since I came from teching spring rifles and gas rifles it came naturally to me. I have already upgraded a KWA CQR with a heavier spring and full cylinder, TBB, stuff like that.
As for me, money isn't really an issue.
Your thoughts on these?
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Old 03-28-2014, 01:26 AM   #2
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Ok. So I am coming at this from the point of a DM. I am and always will be a DM. I keep thinking how cool it would be to get a sniper and upgrade it ect. But then I can think through the last war I went to and how many of those shots would have worked with a sniper. Nada.

And here are a few reasons why.

For a long time I had little to no cultivated play style. I was too timid to be aggressive an had too many ants in my pants to sit and wait. But over the past couple years I have developed a definite play style. I harp on the fact that people are almost never expecting you if you move fast. I have an aggressive, mobile play style. Therefore I find myself in corners very often. The firepower of a tuned dmr is essential. I don't need full auto but a nearly instant semi is critical. That is whybi am actually designing and building my own hpa system. But back on point. If you have a ghille style, aka sit and wait and move very slowly, I would have to go for a Basr.

My play style also determines my sidearm. I carry loud gbb pistols. Not because I prefer it, but because it doesn't matter. If I pull my pistol everyone already knows where I am.

That being said, i would personally look into hpa basrs if you decide to go bolt. Quicker, smoother follow up shots. No high stress parts. Lots of plusses in my mind. That is what I will get if I ever go bolty which I probably never will.

Hope it this helps. Best thing you can do is replay every kill from your last skirmish. Ask would I have been able to make that kill better with a bolty or a fine tuned dmr?

And lastly. Know that dmr are if anything an even more complicated science than boltys. They will cost you endless blood sweat and tears. But it is worth it if that is truly what you want.
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Members that say thanks to Sneaktheif for this post: mynameisD
Old 03-28-2014, 10:09 AM   #3
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DMr v bolt

My first gun was a bolt action blaser r93. After a couple months of playing outdoor mission based skirmishes, I upgraded to an echo 1 Dragunov. Of bolt action rifles, I can say this: they handle and play a lot differently than dmrs. With the blaser, I found myself relying on target acquisition and pacing to get objectives completed and positions defended. With the dragunov, I have an easier time dispatching large groups of enemies quicker, which makes it a bit easier to adapt to different play styles (even cqb, if I can get to a treeline and shoot into the villages we play in).
Bolt sniping is a different experience. As the guns are generally less noisy than an aeg or gas dmr, I play slower and stealthier. With a dmr, games are a lot more fast paced, with instances of stealth mixed in behind enemy lines. I do believe that dmrs are a bit more effective than bolt rifles, just because of the added rate of fire. I find myself being more of an advantage on my team with a dmr. While you can be equally effective with both, in my opinion, it comes more naturally with dmrs.
I like both, and appreciate what both offer. Good luck in whatever you choose!
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Old 03-28-2014, 11:25 AM   #4
bobcat   bobcat is offline
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Thanks guys!

That being said, i would personally look into hpa basrs if you decide to go bolt. Quicker, smoother follow up shots. No high stress parts. Lots of plusses in my mind. That is what I will get if I ever go bolty which I probably never will.
I think I forgot to mention, I already have an excellent KJW M700, so no matter what I will use a BASR. I'll see what scenarios would be best for which type rifle and which rifle is best for my field and play. Thanks again!
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Old 03-28-2014, 12:03 PM   #5
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Duh. I knew that. *head desk*

I guess it was just too late.

Absolutely go dmr then. You won't regret it.
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Old 03-28-2014, 01:15 PM   #6
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I find that when I am using a BASR my goal is to pick off straglers, lone targets or engage groups already distracted by friendly forces along a different vector.

With a DMR, I'll position myself the same way but be more reckless with my engagements. Where I would take pause on an alert 3-5 person group with the BASR, I'll engage with the DMR.

As to reliability and building, there are a lot more potential points of failure. Gears, piston teeth, air nozzle, tappet plate . . . all have the potential to break. Patience and meticulous assembly are the name of the game. Quality parts are worth the cash.

Most anything can be made in to a DMR . . . but that doesn't mean it should be! A platform that easily incorporates a longer barrel without a suppressor is nice. Same with a BASR, try to stick with a platform that has a common gearbox design (V2 or V3). V6 can be done but bushings for them are in lower demand and will be more challenging to source a quality set than the others. That said, certain proprietary platforms have some features not commonly found on a gearbox (like ICS's L86 quick change/adjustable preload spring system) but the quality ones still stick to the common V2/V3 parts.

The biggest lesson learned from my own builds? Do your tinkering on an extra gearbox. If things go horribly wrong (like your piston strip shattering or gears stripping from a hot spring), your platform can be back in the game with a quick field swap.
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