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Ares striker AS01 magazine problem

I'm not able to load more than 25 bb's into a regular size magazine and only 29 bb's into the short magazine. Has anyone else had this problem or am I doing something wrong? Dave
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do you have the shorty mag? that may be your issue. Sometimes bbs will get stuck in the channelandyou have to force them in. take a dowel or a bb unjamming rod and shove em down. then recommence reloading. best way to do it is to use an old reliable loading tube (google it).
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For me, I had issues just loading because when you use a standard BB loader, you may be pressing the release tab on the magazine.. I'd get about 15 BB's in before they started fighting back and going back into the loader. Gotta angle the loader so that way you don't depress the stopper on the magazine.
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