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Commerce rules

-Trying to sell something on your first post is prohibited. You must make an introduction in the "Introduction Section" before you attempt to sell anything, or be a known member on the forum.

-Including your username and/or personal name on a tag in your selling photos is recommended. It ensures you are not a scammer and provides security to a purchaser.

-Do not make a sale thread unless you have been a member of this board for more than 3 months or unless you have been cleared by a mod/admin to do such.

-Only sell things that seem they could be of use to some other Snipers.

-Only selling guns that could possibly be converted to a sniper platform are acceptable.

-Selling gear that wouldn't be useful to a sniper will be deleted.

-All Pistols are acceptable.

-No miscellaneous AEG parts unless specific to the M14, SR25, and PSG1. ONLY.
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Commerce rules

In addition to this, a simple idea of how to make a good selling or buying thread is like this:

WTS or WTB (Stands for Want to Sell or Want To Buy) followed by the item, IE:

WTB: Zero Trigger

Inside the thread please keep it simple and to the point, list what your willing to pay and if you have any offers of trading put that as well as maybe a picture and a description.

When selling, keep it short and simple, no need to try to flatter us with adjectives and fancy things to make it seem better than it is, just list what you've got and why you're getting rid of it, if there are any known problems, include that as well, because you will find people are a lot happier when you list every known issue, whether it be something relatively small or some major damage. Also, if your willing to take in some trades, please just list that as well.

Addition: Do not make a sale thread unless you have been a member of this board for more than 3 months or unless you have been cleared by a mod/admin to do such. The hope of this is to remove any/all scammers out there that simply come on to sell some stuff, and then take your money and scram, with you not knowing anything about them, and with us only having an IP.
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Commerce rules

I'm going to implement a new rule. Since people are constantly posting sales threads before their 3 months has passed, not only will the thread be locked, but all content will be deleted. It does no good to just lock the post if the content is still there because then it can simply go to PMs.

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Old 04-25-2011, 07:09 PM   #4
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Commerce rules

I Agree with you 100% Dutton. And if any members have any questions, feel free to PM one of us mods.
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A not-so-new addition - just to be absolutely 100% clear

1 bump per 24 hours! You can answer questions obviously, but just use common sense!


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When you have sold the item, please post saying that you sold it or PM me so I can close your thread. Thanks!
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