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JG BAR-10 + extras

'Sup guys, it's been a long time since I've been active either on the forum or in airsoft in general. Getting through my physics degree and have moved on to other hobbies.

The main item being sold is my bar10, the one that I've had since the beginning from before I joined the forum in 2012.

Monetary upgrades:
- AA Z-trigger and piston
- UTG Bipod
- Laylax 170 spring
- Laylax spring guide with thrust bearing
- EDGI 6.01mm bull barrel
- Angel Custom delrin barrel spacers

Custom mods:
- Easton X7 Eclipse arrow shaft barrel
- R-hop with rubber surgical tube hopup arm nub
- Cast wax barrel spacer with integrated LRB
- TDC with scope knob for adjustment
- Little things like shimmed hopup arm, tapered cylinder nozzle, etc.

- Switched the bolt handle with a more comfortable one
- Stock is stuffed with non-hardening modeling clay do deaden the sound and give it a realistic weight. Can be taken out easily enough if so desired.
- scope has a fresh battery for the lit reticle
- The cylinder has perfect compression. Holding my thumb on the nozzle and firing creates a sealed pressure vessel
- Also included are most of the original parts, including the barrel, hopup adjuster, trigger, orange tip, spring and guide, and extra rail, and barrel spacers

This build, new, runs a little over $500 USD. I'd like to part with it for $350. Free shipping in the USA

I cracked it open, checked everything, and made sure it cycles BBs properly. Not sure what the accuracy is like right now, but with proper love it'll get out to 300ft consistently. It hasn't been touched in a few years and needs someone who'll put it to use. The body has the regular dings but no glaring cosmetic or structural issues.

I'm also throwing in a few extra things for free. Keep them or throw them away.

- Well MB-10. About 2/3 of its parts are vsr compatible, I have a post floating around somewhere that outlines exactly what. I've got iron sights on it right now and used to use it as a backyard plinker. The bolt handle was once broken and has j-b weld holding it together, but it seems to hold fine. I'm including a screw for TDC but I personally like using zero hop for iron sight plinking anyway.

- Cyber Gun Sig Sauer P226 GBB. It's kinda garbage in terms of reliability lol. It's cool as a backyard plinker, I'd never field it.

- Enough R-hop material to last a lifetime so you can screw around. I've got two 6 inch sections of both 6x8 and 6x9 (IDxOD in mm).

- A bag of Bioshot 0.4g. It's got about 2500 left by weight. It's been in a sealed bag for a few years. I took a batch of 10 and measured 6.01mm +/- 0.01 using my micrometer. They've got a matte surface finish. They run through the guns fine, good for general use, don't think I'd use them in a competition due to being older bios.

A carry bag I made out of some duck cloth. You can see exactly what's in it in the rifle bag link in my sig.

- Speed loader

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