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Short Sniper HPA Wolverine Barrel Size

Hey Guys,

On one Field i play very often are some i wan't to build a Small / Short VSR 10 with the Wolverine Bolt.

The Field Max is 2.2 Joule, is a Kind of a CQB Field with some Sniper Spots :)

Based on the "Low" Joule i think about to take a short Barrel .. What is the Minimum Barrel Size you will recommend ?

Thanks for some answers :)
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I read on a post somewhere, that with hpa anything over 300mm doesn't really get you more range/accuracy. You see all the builds with the wolverine bolt and the JG G-Spec, which has a 303mm barrel. That's what i started out with.

Recently I threw in a 450mm barrel to try out. Didn't really notice much difference in terms of range/accuracy. What you will notice though is you gotta run much higher psi with the short barrel to hit your Joule target.
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being HPA and chonoed in joules you don't need to worry about cylinder / barrel ratios, so you only need it to be long enough to stabilise the bb.
250mm will be enough. An AKSU-length sniper :p
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HPA systems release air slower than spring piston systems, generally. Adding the hop up effect that holds the bb which allows pressure build up compensates it a bit. However a spring setup produces higher peak pressure, which means you need less air to reach the same energy output.
Long story short, if the barrel is too short, you need more pressure in your HPA system, which adds more air. Most of these air is wasted and produce a loud bang. Plus in my experience, ported barrel works better with HPA setup, for the extra air to bleed out.
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